Beeswax And The Bees

Only 2% of the Bee population is responsible for 80% of the crop population on Earth. They pollinate, helping plants grow, produce food keeping the cycle of life turning. Organic farmers, nature rely on a diversity of bees. But the native honeybee population is on a decline due to pesticide use, loss of habitat, unnatural land practices, climate change, deforestation, growing human population.⁠ ⁠

So what do we do? How do we help the bees to reclaim their role as an integral part of the ecosystem? The answer is by restoring native beekeeping farms. They then increase the number of local bees available to pollinate not only their crops but also reclaim the role of the bees as an integral part of surrounding habitats. ⁠ ⁠

We buy the beeswax you see in this video from a small farm where bees roam freely, are not fed antibiotics or sugar. Bees take what they need; we use the rest. It is not click-and-order. We wait for the farm to make the beeswax as nature is slow, she can't be rushed.

But this is not a usual practice in the beauty industry. Its mass produced. No wild-roaming bees, no waiting for nature to do its job; everything to speed up the process is welcome. They come as tiny pellets in pale yellow, smelling already rancid, four times cheaper, melt faster, easier to formulate with.

So, just because they do it the wrong way, should I abandon the vital bee population and this massively healing medicinal remedy? Should I switch to chemical wax perfectly engineered in labs? OR I could choose a plant wax, but then different wax options bring different results. While plant wax brings the healing abilities of that plant, beeswax brings a whole ecosystem onto our skin.

Do you see my pain? I think it's time to unlearn and relearn.

I wholeheartedly believe that we are supporting native pollinators and organic farmers which is exactly what we need to keep our agriculture systems, forests and farmers thriving.

We can not abandon or manipulate nature; we just need to move with it in balance in peace...

with love and light

- Ezgi

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