It all starts in the soil

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Farmers are the first to care for our beloved plants before they undergo the slow and traditional process of Infusion that ends up in every bottle and jar of Earth To You.

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With recipes adapted from generations of herbal folk medicine making, we embrace the slow and traditional. Made with soul, patience, and age-old wisdom, our seed-to-soul elixirs and balms offer an abundant healing to skin, reinviting our age-old connection with nature back into your home, your body and your very cells – for beauty that is real, alive, not skin deep but earth deep.

About Ezgi

Earth To You began with my own journey in rebuilding my own connection with the earth. Having suffered from MS for three years, I was plagued by illness and stress and had placed blind faith in modern medicine. It wasn’t working, and I knew change was needed. The journey was long, and there were many bumps in the road, but the results have made it all worth it: a reinvigoration of my own physical and emotional health and the formation of a business that I truly believe in and inspires me every day. I hope it inspires you too.