It all starts in the soil

What we believe and live for is that the human body itself is nature. Therefore, what truly heals our skin, our bodies, and our soul from within must come directly from nature - without alteration.

And that's because altering nature, breaking it apart to gain an ingredient and then using that to heal skin goes against the natural flow which every living being on Earth has. These ingredients are created to manipulate and force for outcome rather than support and allow our skin - nature itself - to work its magic. Therefore our work starts in the soil. Farmers are the first to care for our beloved plants. We make our own extracts from whole plants using the ancient technics of herbalism. Simply letting edible plant beings in their whole form release their nutrients into plant oils slowly. We then use these extracts in our recipes.

We are children of nature and are made from the same matter. That's why our products are for every skin type and every human at any age. They recognise the wisdom within our skin and the wisdom of nature. They do not manipulate and heal the skin by force. Instead, they support the skin microbiome with pure, wholesome nourishment that comes directly from whole plants full of life. They provide building blocks such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients and speak the same language as our skin.

All our blends are always organic, vegan, cruelty-free and alive with the intuitive intelligence of plants. Nothing is synthesised in a lab. You will not find so-called safe synthetics, preservatives, or profit-centred products—only a deep love for nature and our age-old connection to it.

- For beauty that is real, alive and not skin deep but Earth deep...

About Ezgi

Earth To You began with my own journey in rebuilding my own connection with the earth. Having suffered from MS, I was plagued by illness and stress and had placed blind faith in modern medicine. It wasn’t working, and I knew change was needed. The journey was long, and there were many bumps in the road, but the results have made it all worth it: a reinvigoration of my own physical and emotional health and the formation of a business that I truly believe in and inspires me every day. I hope it inspires you too.