• Ezgi Gunyel


Sometimes it is at the end of a long and difficult journey that we discover the right path.

Illness, stress, unblinding faith in modern medicine and the knowledge that change was needed were the bumps along the road - the destination was the formation of a business that cares. Earth to You was created out of a series of stressful events - but the result has been a physical and emotional improvement that we love to share.

My name is Ezgi, and I founded Earth to You in 2017 with my husband, Serkan. Lying in a hospital bed with a diagnosis of MS, I was at once terrified but equally inspired. I knew that I wasn’t looking after myself and that by changing that, I could do no further harm.

I believe the body has the ability to heal, just as it has the ability to fail. I had seen my mother’s cancer journey and my own health begin to suffer due to the stress I was under.

I approached my MS with the same recognition that the body heals from within. I cleared my life of chemicals, and I embraced the world of plants. I started meditating daily for 2 hours. Slowly the stress was relieved, and my body began to feel more powerful than ever. I stopped all my medication. I was healing from within, and I wanted to share it.

Earth to You was born out of stress, sadness and illness - but mostly, it came from love. Love of my body, love of the Earth and love for the traditions of the past...