• Ezgi Günyel


My journey back to wholeness, oneness and healing from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Depression using my mind...

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS (Multiple Sclerosis). An autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks the myelin sheath or the cells that produce and maintain it. My symptoms were loss of sensation on the left side of my body from half of my scalp to my left hand and left foot. I had balance issues, unable to walk without holding onto someone. Blurry vision in my left eye and severe depression. Sudden vertigo attacks where both my eyes were spinning uncontrollably, making me feel sick.

Everyone in my family except me worked in health care, so they immediately called me back home to Turkey. I then took the conventional route like anybody would in that situation. I have seen some of the best neurologists specialising in MS. I was hospitalised for about 20 days and received Cortisone treatment. My symptoms relaxed a bit. My neurologist sent me home with interferon injections telling me to inject myself every single day for the rest of my life. Injections were supposed to suppress my immune system and lengthen the time in between my ms attacks. Still, to this day, there is no medical cure for MS, so I have been told that this was my only chance to live a life without being in a wheelchair for as long as possible. If I were to stop my injections, I would get another ms attack and would have to go through the Cortisone treatment again. But my chance of recovery from the symptoms would be less.

With a deep sadness and a scared mind, I started living a life with my injections. They had to be kept cold. So I travelled back to my now home in London with an ice bag full of medicine. Some of my symptoms were relieved, and I was able to walk on my own. See clearly in both my eyes. Vertigo attacks have become less frequent and less harsh. I still had some numbness in my left foot. 

I started working as a web/graphic designer in an agency in Victoria, where I came back home from work to my injections every day. Preparing them and injecting them with a medical gun-like machine. As they were supposed to suppress my immune system, I was so weak and so tired all the time. I felt like I had never-ending flu. It was incredibly difficult to get up to go to work. Depression became so severe. I went into bed as soon as I was in the house, sleeping for 12 hours minimum and still waking up incredibly tired.

I never felt that it was right to suppress my immune system. I was always asking myself, Don't my body need my immune system to function?. I may push my next MS attack a bit further, but this approach will give me another serious illness, and it did. I was diagnosed with another autoimmune illness called Hashimoto. Now I had to take levothyroxine every day in the morning for the rest of my life. There is no medical cure for Hashimoto. I also started taking medications for my even more severe depression (Duloxetine, fluoxetine).

Life started to make no sense at all. I knew from my mother's cancer journey that the medical system works to treat symptoms only. Nobody is interested in looking for the root cause of an illness. She had been battling with cancer since 2000 - Non-Hocking Lenfome, which started in her vocal cords and then spread to other organs and then her brain. She had gone through so many sessions of chemotherapy and, finally, radiotherapy for her brain. Her body was deteriorating before our eyes.

But our love for one another as a family pushed us to our limits. My dad, me and my sister became a very strong army and every single day, we focused on saving her from this misery. Medicine wasn't helping. All doors were closed. We have been told so many times that we should give up. But we did not. We turned to alternative therapies. Met with an incredible retired doctor at the time who had his own cancer journey. After seeing what was happening to his patients, he refused the conventional route and worked on creating medicine and technics to support his immune system so that the body could heal itself, and it did. He healed himself and cured other patients. We started this journey with him, and then my dad created a special diet for my mom along with daily physiotherapy sessions. My mom was a nurse, and my dad was teaching nurses. He specialises in nutrition. We managed to keep her with us in this life for 19 years after her diagnosis. She passed away in 2019. We did everything with no help from the current medical system. But in the end, her brain was damaged so much due to radiotherapy, and our efforts weren't enough. If I knew what I know now, this story would have been so so different.

  • My family and my mom on the right.

This 19-year battle left me with so many questions about the current medical system. I had almost no faith left. In 2017 I was looking for alternative therapies to cure myself. A strange documentary popped up on my youtube feed. A man from Holland called - Whim Hoff was able to control his immune reaction by breathing. He was injected with bacterial endotoxin and was able to stop his immune reaction. In normal humans, this reaction would have been fever, chills and headache. But he was completely fine and was teaching this to other people, and they came out fine again from this experiment in the same Dutch hospital. I was amazed. I also listened to Dr Joe Dispenza. He was telling his own story as well, healing himself from a severe spinal injury just by meditating.

It all made sense to me. I have seen from my mother's journey that the diet, lifestyle changes, and current medicine were able to come so far. There was something definitely missing in this picture - The mind!

The day I decided to change things was in 2017. I was getting on a plane, and I saw an old lady. I was carrying my ice bag with medicine, and she was carrying her ice bag with medicine. I was 35, and she was in her 80's. That day I decided to stop the injections and my antidepressants completely and went against the advice I was given. I have been told many times that this would be playing Russian roulette with my brain and I would fail miserably. But I knew that I had to do this. 

I stopped and said to myself, if I get another MS attack, I will combine Whim Hoff Breathing + Dr Joe Medidations and push this out of my body. I didn't start these technics right away. I waited for an attack to come, and it is still shocking to me that I did this. I guess I needed proof that it works. 2-3 months later, sensation loss came back to both of my feet and quickly went up all the way to my belly. I was freaked out. I was still able to walk but with no sensation on the skin of my legs and feet. I immediately started my technics in this exact order morning and night;

1. Whim Hoff Breathing

2. Dr Joe's You are the placebo meditation that was the only one available then. Today, I recommend this one instead.

3. I was closing my eyes and working on my brain, sewing the myelin sheath with my mind just as Dr Joe did to his spine.

4. Thanking and physically hugging myself, even kissing my hands, that I was going to heal myself. I felt so much love. I was so thankful. 

I had no idea back then that being so thankful was the key. I was pushed to be grateful at the time as I never ever wanted to go back to that hospital and get another cortisone treatment and even more severe daily injections.

On day 1, during the breathing, where you let go of air in you and hold it without breathing for as long as possible, I felt burning on my toes. I cried and screamed, jumping all over the place. This was the proof needed. After that, I had even more passion. On Day two, I started to feel my skin a bit more. In a week's time, everything came back. Felt my legs again. I was blown away, surprised, shocked, and so so happy. I could not describe how this was happening. But I was never ever going back, not only to the injections but my old way of thinking. 

But the mind was a subject of either religion or spirituality, and both doors were closed for me as I grew up in a non religious family. Spirituality or religion was never a subject in the family.

But after my recovery, I had to learn about the mind. I started reading scientific explanations about human consciousness. When science felt short, I went deep all the way to the teachings of the Buddha. The more I read, the more I started thinking that I did not know everything. Up to that point, I understood that I lived a life with beliefs and perceptions created by my experiences influenced by my environment. The reality I was living was a limited reality.

While I was reading and learning, I thought that I had cured myself, and I stopped my daily ritual. And then, of course, numbness came back. But I knew what to do, so I pushed it out of my body again. This happened many more times. I lost my mom along the way. One thing is certain with MS is that a trauma like a loss of a family member is one of the biggest triggers of another MS attack. But even though I went into a big depression, I did not have another MS attack. But what happened instead was that I started exploring the afterlife from a scientific perspective. Science was still the only language I could easily relate to and accept. My mom and I were the closest to each other in the family. Everybody was waiting for me to be in a wheelchair, as nobody thought that I would ever recover from grief. The sensitive, artsy kid in the family with MS. I remember the day I was in so much pain that I opened my laptop and desperately started searching in google "Scientists who believe in the afterlife", hoping for a glimpse of an answer. A whole world of afterlife discoveries opened up to me, from near-death experiences to speak to the dead through radio recordings. I was blown away again. I read so many books and even recorded my mom's voice with a professional studio microphone and a couple of old radios. At first, I thought I was going mad. I had other people listen, and everyone who knew her voice was shocked. She was not only speaking but making her own expressions. 

This was in 2019. In the same year, my sister was also got diagnosed with breast cancer. Something was happening to us. We were supposed to learn from this. Otherwise, what have we done so badly that was causing illness and pain for all of us? I went even more into reading, learning and finally meditating daily without stopping. My sister also entered into her spiritual journey.

I now meditate for at least 2 hours at night or in the morning, deepening the connection with my soul every single day without fail so that I see the world not with my human eyes but through the eyes of my soul. I haven't had another MS attack since starting to meditate daily, and I have been off my ms injections and antidepressants since 2017. I am only on Levothyroxine for Hashimoto, but I will push that out of my body as well! I have no symptoms of MS or depression as if nothing has happened. Quite the opposite, I am loving life.

With Dr Joe's blessing of the energy centres meditations, I am moving the energy we all have on our first centre up to my heart, my brain, and to the top of my head to the cosmos. The first time I did his meditations, he kept saying, "feel love in your heart; open your heart". I was so confused as to how one feels love out of nowhere. I was so closed and strict was never able to feel love. Now, as I walk my way to work every day, I throw bursts of hearts at people's faces on the road with my mind :). The only love we are taught or influenced to feel is romantic love or loving our family. But I now know it's the same love we should all be feeling for everything, and it is called "awareness", and that love is healing. It brings our body back into homeostasis, into balance.

As he explains, when the energy reaches our heart, and we feel love, it moves quickly up to our throat and then to our hands so that we be the healer of others

The idea of Earth To You came to me on the day I was hospitalised in 2014. I had no view of spirituality, but something in me said, "Don't worry, keep going. This will turn into something, some business that will bring healing for everyone". I still have a Pinterest board from that day with the title "Earth Healing Boutique." I did not know what this was, but it was a peaceful feeling. I then worked as a web/ graphic designer until 2017. The same year I stopped my injections, quit my job and started Earth To You. 

The first product I sold for a year was Castor Oil. I lost so much hair because of the injections, and I was looking for a natural cure for myself. My discovery of this ancient oil led me to learn about plant intelligence, their souls and their purpose in life. I read and read. The more I read, the more I learned that plants come into being to expand our consciousness. They do it every day with our morning coffee. But because I knew from my mother's incredibly well diet that is seeing plants as material objects while consuming them, asking for help from them wasn't enough. I now know that we need to connect with them on a soul-to-soul level for anything we eat; we apply to work on our body to heal us and deepen our connection with our own souls.

I now know that we are a consciousness that comes from one source of energy, whether you call this divine or god or simply energy. We are all the same; we are all one. We all have this miraculous divine energy within us, and love is the only language. We came here to grow as a soul and let go until we love one another unconditionally. When I look at someone now, I see the soul behind their personality. I find myself looking into a person's eyes, saying, "hey, are you in there" in my mind of course :)

I believe the beauty and self-care industry is a great entry point at this time for me to connect with as many people as possible to tell what I have learned with soulful language talking directly to everyone's souls who know this already.

This is why I do what I do. I want all the suffering I had experienced to turn into healing for everyone to benefit. Otherwise, it will all be for nothing, and I am sure my mom would not forgive me. I want to be the light, be the healing with whatever I do, wherever I go, whomever I speak, so that they also discover that inner intelligence in themselves and feel what I feel. 

Earth To You is here to spread oneness and wholeness as long as I am here on this Earth. Thank you for being here, and let's turn this industry into something so beautiful that we all be the light everywhere we go.

With love and light,


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