Rose Water - Perfect Moisturiser For Oily Skin

Finding the right moisturiser for an oily complexion can be tricky. It’s a fine balance between a soft dewy glow and a nightmare breakout. Whatever skin type you have, searching for the right products to take care of your skin can feel like an uphill battle.

Cue…Rose Water.

We already love our Organic Rose Water for its softening and toning qualities. Even just one spritz is deeply hydrating and it doesn’t introduce any unnecessary or extra oils to the face. For those of us with an already oily complexion, Rose Water could be the natural solution we’ve been looking for.

First, some background …

Rose Water has been used in skincare regimes for centuries. In Greek mythology rose is considered the flower of the Goddesses, a symbol of health and beauty. First recorded for its health benefits in 40-90 CE, Greek physician Dioscorides noted that rose had cooling and astringent properties that made it a great healer for ailments of the skin.

Hospital Manual (Rhodon): Dioscorides recommended rose petal paste as an eye salve and suggested a decoction of rose petal dust in wine for headaches, earaches, and hemorrhoids. He also prescribed a rose hip decoction against hemoptysis. This gorgeously illuminated manuscript written in Greek around AD 512-515 have been used as a hospital manual.


The benefits of rose are well documented in ancient Minoan, Chinese and Egyptian civilisations. In India, rose oil was once named Itr-i Cihangiri (Jahangir’s Fragrance) after Emperor Jahangir who ruled in the 15th century. According to legend, his wife Nurjahan was bathing in a warm pond filled with rose petals when she noticed fragrant and soothing oil droplets forming on the water. After this, ponds of the Shalimar Gardens in Pakistan would be filled with roses during wedding feasts. On hot summer days the scent would fill the air as the rose petals floated across the water.


Emperor Jahangir and his wife Nurjahan


Rose Water is an ancient healer with historical, cultural and traditional stories to tell – and it still has a deserved place in any modern skincare cabinet. Our Earth To You Organic Rose Water is hand-picked from the oil-yielding Damask Rose grown 500m above sea level in the Balkan mountains. It’s double distilled over steam to produce a pure and fragrant Rose Water full of antioxidants and vitamins good for the skin.


So, how is Rose Water going to help my oily skin? …

Well, Organic Rose Water increases the water content of the skin without adding any oils - making it a deeply hydrating moisturiser without the greasy impact of heavy creams.


Let’s take a look at the science. Rose Water maintains the skins natural PH balance to keep oil levels in check and leave your face feeling soft and refreshed. Full of antioxidants and naturally astringent properties to tone the skin, Rose Water works to lift excess oil and dirt off of the skin while tightening and closing pores to help maintain healthy sebum production.

In terms of nourishing the skin, Rose Water is rich in Vitamin A to stimulate cell regeneration to help reduce signs of aging and fine lines, and Vitamin C to increase collagen production. With a high antioxidant count, Rose Water protects the skin from pollution and sun damage by combatting harmful free radicals. And (if you needed more) … Rose Water is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to fight breakouts and redness if they should happen.


When used as a moisturiser, the pure and natural benefits of Rose Water work with the skin to soften and hydrate. Calming, nutrient rich and completely natural - Rose Water nourishes the face while actually inhibiting excess oil production to rebalance the skin for a healthy natural dewy glow.


How To Rebalance Oily Skin for a Natural Dewy Glow…

  1. Spritz our Organic Rose Water over clean, damp skin.

  2. Massage gently into the skin with clean hands or one of our gentle Gua Sha tools. If using your fingers, make circular motions to stimulate the dermis and achieve bright, illuminated skin.

  3. For some extra love, add a few drops of Rose Water to a reusable bamboo pad. Apply the cool and moist pad to your eyes for to soothe tired and fatigued eyes.


You can also spray our Organic Rose Water on top of your makeup to use for a mid-day hydration boost that helps set makeup in place.


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