Overnight Treatment For Extremely Soft Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Ok, I think we understand the importance of this simple act by now, to the degree that there is no hand soap left in stores. We all are washing our hands like never before. Today I counted 18 hand washing visits to bathroom!


It seems simple; if you have dry hands, put some hand cream. But even if you do that you will most likely have dry and irritated skin. These are extreme times. I believe we need to do a little more for our hands than a simple moisturiser, especially with the current stringent requirements around hand-washing.


Step 1: Choose the right moisturiser

I am not a fan of creams and lotions. They are mainly water based formulas. Anything water based is going to have preservatives in them to stop bacterial growth. So that’s a big no for us Earth To You!


However, plant based oils and raw butters can be safely used. Choose thicker oils. Castor oil is a great example. Its very thick and so highly moisturising and soothing. I also like to add a generous amount of our Organic Argan Oil. Argan oil known to have high amounts essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to protect and strengthen your nails.


So apply both oils generously to your hands.


Step 2: Find a pair of cotton gloves

Just find some clean cotton gloves. The idea is to lock moisture inside and force the oils to soak into your skin. If you cant find any gloves, just use a pair of clean socks. I would stay away from those spa gloves that have a permanent gel line in them.


Step 3: Go to bed

Leave your gloves on overnight for the best results. Be careful not to pull them off at night. If that is too difficult or will put you off of your sleep, you can also wear them during the day when watching TV or working, They will need to remain on for a couple of hours, when the oil will be fully absorbed by the skin.


In the morning, you should be left with extremely soft hands! Repeat this entire process everyday until your hands are fully healed. Then apply every other day, for hands that are always at their very softest.


Lots of love and stay safe friends! xx



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