What is Healing?


The hold, the grip, that never-ending readiness to fight or flight, the " I have to do it alone", the worst-case scenario whispering "what if..." getting louder each day...



....with all these emotions and voices pulling you from one leg like a naughty child, you look at fear's eyes with a steady gaze, letting go of your hands, seeing yourself fall into a void of emptiness to become no one, nowhere, no time...


This is the place where you heal. This is the place where you give up the worry, the control, the mistrust. This is the place where you finally realize that you have always been protected, that you have always been safe, that you have always been loved, and that you are exactly where you are meant to be for the evolution of your soul.


Look around you; the divine, the light is all around you! Your perception shapes your reality! See the beauty, notice it, notice the love, the divine in everything and everyone around you. Call it by its name, say it out loud, and make everyone hear!


Throw away the keys of your temple = your body, open your arms wide, let the divine in, let the love in...


Let go of the hold, the grip, the mistrust. 


Expect the unexpected

Expect the miracle

Expect the miraculous

Feel worthy to receive



And if the fear starts whispering again, you keep walking; you keep moving forward to "The Future You". Run to her, run to him with open arms, telling fear walking by your side, "Thank you for getting me this far. I am now moving forward to the future me. She/He expects nothing but miracles, sees nothing but beauty, and the more she/he notices, the more beauty unfolds, the more light enters the body."



This is called "healing"= expecting the unexpected, the miracle, the miraculous, feeling worthy to receive..."



with all my love...


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