Water Brings Life

Every biological life - you, me, trees, plants, the tiny microbe living on a rock can not exist without water. Where there is water, there is life.

Photo by Vladislav Nahorny


But if you spend a day in our apothecary, you will hear me almost chanting, "Water is our enemy here". Today, almost every beauty product ingredient list starts with water = aqua.

Not in my apothecary.

There must be a complex preservative to stop a life, a bacteria growing inside a water-based beauty product, to kill it before it reaches your skin.

But wait, your skin, my skin, our largest organ, is filled with a galaxy of beneficial bacteria taking care of us, talking to our immune system on a moment-to-moment basis.

This preservative is killing them, too. It might not be the intention of the formulator, but Is there a choice? No.

Where there is water, there is life.

That is why there is no water in our recipes. What I want is to strengthen the army, the galaxy, your team on your skin = your microbiome.

Because "You are the healer, You heal you." Everything outside of you can only help you and show you the way. But the real healer is "You".

If you lose your army, you lose a piece of you. The team that has been on your side no matter what since you passed through the birth canal. It is growing and blossoming as long as you follow its divine order and give it what it wants. Nothing more, nothing less.
But what about Rose Water;
Roses themselves are naturally antibacterial. We add 4% Lactobacillus ferment made from cabbage to protect the integrity of the roses. Lactobacillus is a good bacteria found in your own skin and gut microbiome. Your body knows it, meeting itself again, blossoming, growing with more of it. It is not a complex preservative for the market. Not enough to deal with what the competitive human mind can create in terms of beauty products.
Where there is water, there is life...
No to water-based serums, no to water-based cleansers, no to water-based anything that is called beauty... 

"Yes to you."

"Yes, to the army on you." 

"Yes to the healer, that is you". 

with all my love
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