They did an experiment. They asked a group of people to wear coloured glasses—right eye blue, left eye red. They asked these people to live their lives as normal—go to work, go grocery shopping, make dinner, study, watch movies, and read books.



One week later, they asked these people to remove the glasses and tell what they saw.

They all said that they now see blue from the right eye and red from the left eye. The effect continued for a long time, even after the glasses were removed.


The life you and I have lived up until this point has created a set of beliefs in us. How you were raised, which part of the world you came from, traumas, good days, and bad days all formed the glasses you and I are wearing right now. 


I have blue glasses, you have red glasses.

I say,


How about living with no glasses to see the truth of reality, live a life of magic, and see behind the illusion?

How about throwing them away?


Evil controls own everything = Dark set of glasses.
I create my life. I am safe = No glasses.


I believe life is an experiment, and the meaning of life is evolution. You and I are on a journey back home to tell the stories of this lifetime. 


On my journey back home in this lifetime, I want to affect as many people as I possibly can and be the light on their way. I keep telling myself that out of all the lives I have lived, I am going to remember this one! But I know that I can't do this with my glasses. I have to throw them. I won't be able to see the opportunities on my way. Everything will look dull with my glasses.



What are you missing out on? What beliefs are you holding on to? Let's throw these glasses away. What do you say?


with all my love,

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