Forgiveness - What is it?

Someone gave you a bag, and they left, or you left with that heavy bag. You are walking, but you stop every hour because the bag is heavy. 


You open the bag to look at what's inside. You see nothing but ugly, heavy things. You can not give them to anyone; you can not sell them on eBay :). There is nothing useful inside, and yet you carry that heavy, ugly bag with you. 


Now I ask you to drop the bag in the middle of the street and start walking.

Feeling lighter? 

Now, start running like there is no tomorrow.

Wow, you can run!

Now, go run towards your dreams without that heavy bag.

This is called forgiveness.


The bag was heavy and ugly. There is nothing useful inside. The person had already left. Carrying that bag, talking about it with friends, remembering every detail is hurting you, not them. 


Drop it in the street. Go run towards the life of your dreams without looking back.


with all my love,

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