Come with me

Let's go on a journey to your inner world.

Skin lives an emotional life. I see you when you are in fear because you are pale; I see you when you are embarrassed because you blush; I see you when you are happy because you glow. I read your innermost dominant thoughts on your skin - the door to your inner world.

You, the divine nature, reading this, tell me: What is it that you feel on a day-to-day basis? What are your most dominant thoughts? Where in your body do you feel it?

Come with me
let's find out

1. Find a quiet place where no one can bother you, talk to you, not even your pets. Ask them to excuse you for 20 minutes. Tell them that they will love the new you!
2. Sit comfortably. I love sitting cross-legged on the sofa, my back against a soft cushion. Sit somewhere you feel extremely comfortable. There are no rules. You make your rules. Your comfort is the only rule...
3. Close your eyes and cover them with an eye band so no sensory information (light) enters into your brain.
We are going within...
4. Turn this melody on-repeat. Listen to it until you lose yourself and disconnect from your environment fully until you become one with the melody until you are the melody.
5. Put your hand on that beautiful beating heart of yours. Ask yourself: What is it that I feel on a day-to-day basis? Is it guilt, shame, fear, hatred, resentment, anger.... Be honest with yourself and name the emotions. No need to remember what happened or why you feel the way you feel. Forget the memory! Don't dig up the bones. The story doesn't even matter. What you consider tragedy, sad, fearful, or shameful is nothing for another person. Your perception is making that event a tragedy. If you buy into the event then you are a victim of history instead of master of destiny.
6. Picture another you, sitting in front of you, looking at you - your old self who started reading this email moments ago.
Look at him/her in the eyes with nothing but love in your heart and say,
"Thank you for helping me become "somebody", the character you helped me play in this illusion, this game called life. I had to become somebody to find the power in me to let go and become nobody - to return home. But I mastered my character so well that I started believing in it myself. I began to take this game very seriously. I started feeling things, strong emotions, strong reactions to things, people, places. Over and over again, I felt the same emotions until they became a part of me, until I became the emotion." 

I felt hatred; I became hate. 
I felt shame; I became shame. 
I felt guilt; I became guilt. 
I felt sadness; I became sadness. 

"I embossed emotions in my body, my temple. I forgot the game; I forgot the illusion. I forgot the reason why I am here: the divine expresses itself through me, through my unique eyes. I forgot that the only emotion that belongs to my divine body, my temple, is love."
"Today, I am ready to free myself from the mental prison of my own making. I give you my shame, I give you my guilt, I give you my hatred, I give you my sadness." 
"I am returning home where I am nothing but love, where I see nothing but love." 


Take a deep breath, divine nature.

You are home...

with all my love
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