Chakras = Mini Brains

Can you forget everything you have heard about "Chakras," especially the spiritual stuff? You know, the ones that make you question and leave the whole idea into nothing but philosophy. A dinner table conversation that goes nowhere.

This is for non-believers. I was one of them. I am going to do my best not to leave questions in your mind about the map of your body and show you how your thoughts activate these centres to create harmony or illness in your body. 

In the walls of your mind, it all starts with a thought. A thought that you can't resist leads to another that creates an imbalance in the energy centres of your body. Ancient cultures called them Chakras. Each of these centres has its own glands and hormones. There are clusters of neurons in your brain that are associated with these individual centres, which means they have their own mini-brains, intentions, and consciousness.
Whenever you think of a specific thought, energy moves one of these clusters of neurons in your brain, and you create a certain level of mind. Your brain starts producing certain chemicals that begin to activate one of these energy centres.
One thought after another, you find yourself in a loop, in a state of consciousness, which creates more of the same thoughts.

The first 3 centres are all about survival. 


First Energy Center 

(The Root Chakra = Inferior Mesenteric Plexus)

Our connection to Mother Earth. The centre of reproduction. The source of all your energy that can create another human being is right here in your first centre.


Second Energy Center

(The Sacral Chakra = Superior mesenteric plexus)

 When you are safe in your environment, there is food and shelter, all elements of survival are in place; energy naturally moves to the second centre. But if the person has a trauma and they feel unsafe, betrayed. They no longer trust. Energy gets stuck in this centre, and the person experiences imbalance, an illness in the organs of this centre, such as the intestines, kidneys, liver, and autoimmune system of the body.


Third Energy Centre

(Solar Plexus = Navel Chakra)

 If things become unsafe, energy moves to the third centre. You use your will to overcome the challenges. Even the idea of getting out of bed takes an act of will. That's why you can't get out of bed when your adrenals are fatigued or you are stressed. If the person is concerned about how they look, what people think of them, controlling everything, not letting go, energy gets stuck in this centre. The person experiences imbalance, an illness in the organs of this centre, such as the digestive system, gall bladder, pancreas and adrenals.

Forth Energy Center

(Heart Chakra = Heart plexus)

But when you do face the conditions in your environment, you overcome them; energy moves into this centre, and you feel whole and in love with life. You are patient, kind, giving, caring, compassionate, and forgiving because you overcame your environment. You are out of survival.

Fifth Energy Centre

(Thyroid Plexus) 

When you begin to feel love, you feel the need to express it, and energy moves into this centre. You start speaking about your greatest understanding of life at that moment in time. However, if you are worried about expressing yourself and speaking your truth, you hold back; energy gets stuck in this centre. The person experiences Thyroid-related issues.

Sixth Energy Centre

(Pineal Gland = Third Eye)
If the person has no worries about expressing themselves, energy moves to this centre. The pineal gland starts realising its metabolites. It begins to activate dormant areas of the brain. You begin to perceive reality through a different window, a greater spectrum. 

Seventh Energy Centre

(Pituitary gland = Crown Chakra)

The energy then moves to this centre. The pituitary gland creates a tremendous amount of harmony all the way down the body. Harmony within and harmony in all areas of your life. That is how we evolve. 

In the walls of your mind, it all starts with a thought. A thought that you can't resist leads to another and another, sending more energy than they need to these centres, organs of your body. These thoughts lead to actions and behaviours, and every action has consequences. Before you know it, a whole new reality is right in front of you, which you call "your life, your illness."


Let's do an experiment today. Separate yourself from your thoughts and listen as if you are the observer. Watching yourself from a distance is the first step to healing your body and changing your reality.

with all my love,

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