Are you really ageing?



Likya Mushroom Hot Stone

Tools that are carved from the Earth to ease the wrinkles of the heart.


Looking at the world in frustration from a narrow window wrinkles around the eyes. Checking controlling every little detail in fear of making a mistake, lines on the forehead. Clenching those teeth in worry, deep creases on the corners of the lips, above the chin.

Are you really ageing?


Are you holding onto thousands of years of survival emotions? 

Ready to fight or flight. An unseen danger is approaching, and the body says I must be prepared. I must release hormones that activate my sympathetic nervous system, which causes my muscles to contract all around my body, my face to prepare to fight or run away.
But I am not in a jungle anymore, the thinking brain says. There is no lion to run away from. I am sitting here physically with the "what if scenario" in my hands, conditioning my body to a future that I don't even want to live in, creating a movie coloured by my fears that I don't even want to watch.
At the end of the day, I am putting potions all around my tired face, thinking I am ageing.

Are you really ageing?

There is another way to live life- creating another movie- a beautiful one, an inspiring one! But first, let's get you out of those survival emotions that are keeping you stuck. Let's use the stone that I named Likya, an ancient place where I spent my warmest childhood summers, to ease the wrinkles of your heart.

Let's relax your facial muscles to help re-educate them from constantly tightening/constricting and settling into a pattern that creates discomfort, soreness, fine lines, and wrinkles around your face. Let's use the heat to help our elixirs' powerful ingredients -wisdom of plants- to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Follow the steps by watching the full tutorial.



  1. Turn on a melody which awakens your heart - the healer, the centre of creation. Here are some that I love.
  2. Fill a bowl with boiling water and place the Likya stones inside
  3. Apply rose water, followed by face elixir, to your face and neck
  4. Remove the hot stones from the water and leave them to stand for a 3-minute minimum.


  1. At the midpoint between the two ends of the eyebrows, you will find your 'third eye', or 'hall of impression' as the Chinese medicine masters would call it. This point of your divine body has a very powerful ability to calm your sympathetic nervous system. Focus your attention fully on this point and rotate around it, taking deep, long breaths.
  2. Glide the hot stones across your brows to your temples. Rotate the stones in clockwise and anticlockwise rotations. This point is one of the twelve meridians of your body. It is the longest of all meridians and contains a reflecting point for each of the body organs.
  3. Directly below the pupil of the eye and in line with the lips, you will find acupressure point ST5. This is the crossing point of the Stomach and Large Intestine Meridians. Pressure to this point activates these meridians.
  4. LI20 is located in the nasolabial groove. It is the crossing point for the Large Intestine and Stomach meridians. Massaging this area opens the nasal passage and clears any excess heat. Complete this motion by using the edges of the stone to sculpt your cheekbones.
  5. Glide the hot stones across your cheeks, and release them by gliding down the neck.
  6. Finish by focusing on the neck, moving the stone in a downward motion, and applying pressure to ST11 to descend Qi through the body and benefit the throat and neck.


Take a deep breath and thank yourself for taking the time to go against thousands of years of survival emotions to teach your body a new way of living. 


May your new movie be a beautiful one, an inspiring one that gets you excited to wake up every day.  


May the veil of this illusion be lifted from your eyes.


May you be free.  

with all my love
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