This deodorant works exceptionally well

Have you heard about our new Natural Deodorant Balm yet? Inspired by the need for a dependable alternative to chemical-based deodorants, we made a refreshing and reparative natural deodorant blend that works with the body, not against it – and we’re really proud of it.


The reviews are coming in and we’re so happy to see that you guys are loving it as much as we are! Green beauty expert Shea (@thevegchic) left us this beautiful, honest review after trying out the balm for a week. Make sure to go and check out the full review on her Instagram page.


 This deodorant works exceptionally well … I’ve been using it consistently since I picked it up and what’s crazy is that even using this consistently, it works.” 


Natural Deodorant Balm FAQ:

We know switching to natural deodorant can be a bit daunting, so we’ve answered some of the common questions we get asked…

1. What is ‘natural’ deodorant?

Natural deodorant is a deodorant alternative that swaps harmful chemicals and synthetics, such as aluminium, for essential oils, butters and other ingredients that are good for the skin.

2. Where do your ingredients come from?

All of the ingredients in our Natural Deodorant Balm are vegan and cruelty-free. We only use ingredients from organic farms who work with traditional methods and support fair working conditions. Our balm is made with locally grown essential oils and aluminium free sodium bicarbonate, so we recommend doing a patch test before use if you have sensitive skin. See a full rundown of ingredients here.

3. How do I use it?

Melt a pea-sized amount of the deodorant between your fingers and very gently massage on to clean underarms. (It’s important to use dry fingers, we don’t use preservatives so try to keep water away from the balm.)


4. Will there be an adjustment period?

For some people, using a natural deodorant is a new experience. If this is you, you might need to be patient while your armpits detox from chemical-based deodorants. This can take 3-7 days and you may feel a bit smelly but once your body readjusts to a natural deodorant you’ll start to enjoy the results.


5. Will I sweat?

Yes, you will. Our aim was to create a deodorant that works with the body. Antiperspirants often block your natural sweat cycle leading to a build-up of unhealthy toxins that should have left the body. Our balm allows you to sweat naturally but neutralises the odour so you can feel fresh without disrupting your body’s rhythm.

6. My skin feels a little irritated after using the balm, why is this?

Some people have sensitivities to sodium bicarbonate, a mineral salt that we use in our balm for its antibacterial properties. If your skin feels irritated after using our balm we recommend you stop using the product and get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to point you in the direction of a sensitive skin alternative.


7. Why has it melted?

One of the ingredients in our Natural Deodorant Balm is coconut oil. Because we don’t interfere with the natural structure of any of our ingredients, it will melt in very hot temperatures. Don’t worry, if this happens just pop the balm into the fridge and it will reharden.


Get Your Free Sample

Want to give it a go? For a limited time, every Earth To Your order (via our website) will include a free 7-day sample of our Natural Deodorant Balm so you can try it for yourself.


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