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Organic Botanical Night Balm

Organic Botanical Night Balm

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A Vitamin C-rich, nutrient-dense, 100% organic, vegan night-time moisture balm to rest, repair and soothe the skin as you sleep. 


The light and non-greasy texture of Botanical Night Balm sinks into the skin to regenerate the skin and support healthy ageing at night. 


In our reparative sleep state, skin temperature gets slightly warmer - making the skin and pores more permeable. Therefore, applying Botanical Night Balm at night helps the skin get the maximum benefit from active botanicals.


Your skin is also getting a well-deserved environmental break at night. In the daytime, the skin is exposed to endless harsh environmental stressors like pollution or UV rays. While the skin rests at night, it focuses more attention on repairing rather than protecting itself. This gives the skin a chance to rejuvenate fully without being interrupted by external factors.


In addition, our skin secretes sebum throughout the day to create a thin oily barrier on the skin that keeps moisture in and aggressors out. However, this sebum production peaks at midday, meaning the skin is driest (and least protected) during the night. Paired with a slight rise in temperature, the skin starts to lose moisture while we sleep - this is called ‘transepidermal water loss. Applying Botanical Night Balm as part of your evening skincare routine creates a protective barrier on the skin to keep moisture within the skin.


Scented with Lavender and ancient Frankincense to lull you into a restful sleep.

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Full Ingredients List

*Jojoba Seed Oil, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Tamanu Seed Oil, *Frankincense Oil, *Lavender Flower Oil, *Orange peel Oil,

; Plant Extracts Made in-House *Calendula Flower, *Lavender Flower , *Chamomile, *Rosemary Leaf, *Nettle Leaf, *Rose Petals, Vitamin E, Candelilla Wax , **Geraniol, **Linalool, and Love.

*Organic Ingredient, **Natural Constituents of Essential Oils.

Suited To

Suitable For: All skin types

Really Good For: Sensitive skin, sunburns, sun spots, acne prone skin

Safe for use during pregnancy

Sustainable Packaging & Refills

We use a frosted brown glass jar to protect the potency of the plants and precious oils. The outer packaging is made from recyclable/biodegradable unbleached kraft paper. Our labels are made from 100% recycled waste paper.

The product includes a glass jar, recyclable Polypropylene (PP) cap and stopper.

Refills are available on this product, so once you purchase your first jar, you can send it back to us, and we will clean, sanitise and refill it for you again and again. Refills are currently only available within the UK.

Giving Back

We believe in a return to nature, centred around a sustainable cycle where we should only take what we can give back. That’s why every Earth To You order starts and ends its journey as a seed in the soil.

With the intention of revitalising arid farmland, we donate a portion of each sale to a programme called the Forest Garden Approach. Run by a charity called Trees For The Future, the 4-year programme gives farmers the skills they need to sustainably support their communities and grow thousands of trees. Every seed planted helps to reverse environmental degradation, restore biodiversity, and remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But more than that, Forest Garden Farmers gain access to income and food for themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger. Just as the earth gifts us with healing and nourishing herbs and botanicals, we must give back and do what we can to protect the soils we come from. This sustainable approach to re-forestation brings valuable nutrients back to the soil, breathing new life and hope into over-farmed and arid lands.

How To Use

1. At the end of your night-time skincare routine, take a small amount of the balm. We recommend using the spatula to avoid introducing any bacteria into the jar.

2. Apply to the face with soft, sweeping strokes and then massage into the skin using gentle circular motions along the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

3. For a more indulgent night-time ritual, try using our Rose Quartz Gua Sha tools for a facial massage that benefits the skin and the mind.

4. Leave the balm to melt into the skin as you sleep and wake up to rested, soothed, and hydrated skin.

Ingredients & Plant intelligence


Calendula flowers follow the sun, opening when it rises and closing as it sets. It gathers the sun's warming, fiery, nourishing energies. Calendula flowers are high in Apigenin and Flavonoids (antioxidants), which is why it protects the skin from UV radiation and maintains the skin's natural pigmentation. Calendula moves stagnant lymph and blood by warming and urging the skin toward healthy circulation. Calendula has been used for centuries for all kinds of surface injuries, cuts, and wounds that are swollen, red, inflamed, and painful. It prevents the appearance of inflammation, encouraging the body to heal the tissues at its own pace. If you are suffering from inflamed cystic acne, sunburn, uneven skin, Calendula keeps the inflammation from spreading, lessens the pain, slowly resolves the pus, and moves the debris away through the adjacent lymphatics. It keeps wounds from hardening and forming scar tissue.


Vitamin C is found in active form and in substantial quantities in Rosehips. Vitamin C is the body's most important antioxidant. It increases the synthesis of collagen and photoprotection. Photoprotection allows the skin to correct the previous photodamage (solar damage), resulting in depigmenting solar lentigines. Solar lentigines are flat spots of increased pigmentation on the face.


Chamomile is a member of the Rose family. It is a relaxant and antiallergenic. In herbalism, it is used in conditions where tension combines with heat - overstimulation, excitation and irritation, such as irregular redness on the cheeks or other areas of the skin. The polyphenols and phytochemicals in Chamomile are known to speed up cell regeneration and protect against harmful free radicals found in pollution. Chamomile also contains an antioxidant called apigenin which binds to specific receptors in the brain to decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.


Lavender is a cooling relaxant, and it's very stimulating to the skin as well as antiseptic and helps clear away infections on the skin. In spiritual herbalism, Lavender is for "negative states of the soul" when the astral body grasps the physical body too tightly. The astral body is essentially identical to the autonomic nervous system, which relays impressions felt by the unconscious mind. So it is used when unconscious experiences cause the autonomic nervous system to clamp down too intensely.


Rose is the personification of passion, but in the body, it reduces heat. It turns down the excitement in the limbic centre of the brain, which regulates passion. Therefore it is used for a cooling, calming effect on the skin and is beneficial to use for rosacea and similar skin conditions caused by autoimmune heat and excitation. Rose is also rich with antioxidants and has mildly astringent properties. It tightens the pores and gently tones the skin as well as strengthens skin cells, and regenerates skin tissue.


Nettle is an all-around nutritive herb. It is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is said that Nettle cures through nourishment. Leaves are natural astringent, tighten and firm the skin, regulate natural sebum production, treat acne, and promote flawless skin.

In some lore, it is said that nettles bridge the gap between this life and the next and that nettles grow out of death to heal old wounds and restore ancient lineage. In a way, nettles connect us to the past while protecting us from the present.

As the saying goes; When in doubt, use Nettles...


In traditional herbalism, Rosemary is used for conditions caused by circulatory weakness. Rosemary stimulates and warms. Good blood circulation in the skin helps the body move more nutrients and oxygen to the epidermis. Rudolf Steiner taught that Rosemary increases the sense of selfhood, which he related to the fire element or warmth of the body. He suggested that Rosemary be used to gently warm the body and support self-consciousness.

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