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Niobe Mushrooms / Rose Quartz

Niobe Mushrooms / Rose Quartz

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Invigorate tired eyes with a Gua Sha massage to brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness, and smooth fine lines. Hand-carved from responsibly sourced Grade A Rose Quartz, simply roll the stone across the skin to reveal refreshed and revitalised eyes.


Set includes: Set of 2 Niobe Rose Quartz Gua Sha (2 stone is recommended for a thorough massage of the face)

  • Brighten the eyes and reduce dark circles

  • Decrease puffiness and fluid retention

  • Smooth fine lines and slow signs of ageing

  • Refresh tired, heavy eyes

  • Release tension by targeting acupressure points

How To Use

Use first thing in the morning to refresh and energise, or the last thing at night to relax and soothe.

Before you begin your massage, we recommend applying our Organic Rose Water and a few drops of Botanical Face Elixir (or Night Balm at night) to prepare the skin.

Holding the stone, however, feels comfortable; glide the tool across the skin with soft pressure making long, sweeping motions.

Start at the collarbone, stimulating the supraclavicular node to open up the lymphatic 'bins' for drainage.

Come up to the eye area and carefully roll the stone under the eye. Continue over the brow and follow along with the tutorial.



With each Gua Sha stroke, blood rushes to the skin to replenish and oxygenate the area. The boost of nutrients to the eye helps reduce dark circles associated with tiredness and fatigue.


By reaching deep beneath the dermis to break down the fascia, the massage creates micro pathways to allow stagnant fluid to drain away from the eye and reduce puffiness.


Regular massage stimulates the skin to encourage cell regeneration and turnover. Over time this also improves collagen and elastin production to slow signs of ageing.

What is Gua Sha?

The ancient Chinese practice of Gua Sha is a meditative massage that combines mindfulness and healing. The tool is gently pulled along the surface of the skin to unblock stagnant lymphatic fluid and increase blood flow. The soothing massage releases tension and inflammation while increasing oxygenation and cellular reproduction to regenerate the skin.

But Gua Sha is not just for the skin, it is also for the spirit. The ritual has been used since the Ming dynasty to rebalance qi, or energy flow, through the body. By targeting acupressure points along the body’s meridians, the massage encourages a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

As we live, our bodies are constantly responding to an internal-external exchange influenced by our immediate environment, and what touches our skin. While a variety of tools are used in Gua Sha, our Rose Quartz Gua Sha range is designed for specific areas of the face and body. The cool, natural touch of rose quartz, in combination with our oils, is a luxurious experience for your skin and spirit.

Why Rose Quartz?

Our Gua Sha tools are hand-carved by artisan crafters from sustainably sourced Grade A Rose Quartz. Perfectly imperfect, this naturally formed crystal is believed to open up the heart space in order to promote deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Unlike glass or plastic, Rose Quartz is cold to the touch helping to awaken and refresh the skin.

Made From & Care Instructions

Responsibly sourced, Grade A Rose Quartz. Wash with warm soapy water after each use and store in the protective bag.

Sustainable Packaging

This product comes in a recyclable kraft paper box and a reusable cotton bag.

Giving Back

We believe in a return to nature, centred around a sustainable cycle where we should only take what we can give back. That’s why every Earth To You order starts and ends its journey as a seed in the soil.

With the intention of revitalising arid farmland, we donate a portion of each sale to a programme called the Forest Garden Approach. Run by a charity called Trees For The Future, the 4-year programme gives farmers the skills they need to sustainably support their communities and grow thousands of trees. Every seed planted helps to reverse environmental degradation, restore biodiversity, and remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But more than that, Forest Garden Farmers gain access to income and food for themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger. Just as the earth gifts us with healing and nourishing herbs and botanicals, we must give back and do what we can to protect the soils we come from. This sustainable approach to re-forestation brings valuable nutrients back to the soil, breathing new life and hope into over-farmed and arid lands.

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