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Earth Friendly 5 x Bamboo Mascara Brushes

Earth Friendly 5 x Bamboo Mascara Brushes

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These bamboo brushes are an eco-friendly and safe alternative to plastic mascara wands. Designed to be used with our Organic Castor Oil, all you need to do is dip the brush into the bottle to collect a small amount of the oil. Then sweep across the lashes or brows to conditions, nourish and care.

Made From

Handle: Wood
Brush: Synthetic fibres (no animal hair)

Why Bamboo?

Care Instructions

Wash after each use, towel dry, and then leave to air dry fully.⁠

Giving Back

We believe in a return to nature, centred around a sustainable cycle where we should only take what we can give back. That’s why every Earth To You order starts and ends its journey as a seed in the soil.

With the intention of revitalising arid farmland, we donate a portion of each sale to a programme called the Forest Garden Approach. Run by a charity called Trees For The Future, the 4-year programme gives farmers the skills they need to sustainably support their communities and grow thousands of trees. Every seed planted helps to reverse environmental degradation, restore biodiversity, and remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But more than that, Forest Garden Farmers gain access to income and food for themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger. Just as the earth gifts us with healing and nourishing herbs and botanicals, we must give back and do what we can to protect the soils we come from. This sustainable approach to re-forestation brings valuable nutrients back to the soil, breathing new life and hope into over-farmed and arid lands.

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