Path To Letting Go - Likya Hot Stone Massage


Fill a bowl with boiling water and place the Likya stones inside to warm them up

Apply Jojoba oil to the area around your breasts

Remove the hot stones from the water and leave them to stand for a 1-minute minimum.

Important Notes:

Never use the stones straight from the hot water. Always move them over the skin without holding over one area. They may feel a little too hot at first, but as soon as you move them around the body, the heat will become tolerable and feel wonderful. Keep the hot bowl next to you and dip them inside when they lose heat after 2 minutes. If you are performing other massages, you will need to re-heat them with boiling water in between massages.


The Sea of Tranquillity, or pressure point CV 17, is located in the middle of the chest. This area is believed to be the heart-energy centre of the body, and according to popular belief, the point that carries the body's emotions.

Glide the Liyka stones under your breasts, finishing with small rotations on Lung 1, otherwise known as ‘Letting go’.

Repeat this process in the opposite direction, gliding the stones from the centre of your chest, across your breast window and releasing with pressure to point Lung 1. 

Take a deep breath and thank yourself for restoring balance between your body and mind.

Please Note: This video intends to be informational only and does not intend to cure or treat any illness. We encourage you to consult with a medical professional if you are seeking medical advice.

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