The Tradition of Gua Sha: An Introduction



What your skin feels and is in contact with has a direct impact on your body at a deeper level, a concept I believe in wholeheartedly, and is part of why I created Earth To You. Simple and therapeutic, Gua Sha uses natural, wholesome techniques to treat your skin with respect and purpose.


Founded in traditional Chinese medicine and popularly used for centuries, Gua Sha is a discipline focused on healing and well-being.


Its philosophy and learning have much in common with acupressure and acupuncture, where the human body is treated as a whole, and with absolute sensitivity. Unlike those related techniques, however, Gua Sha is not at all invasive, and when used for the face, it is a soothing experience. It is also not the reserve of experts: you do not need to commit to years of training or seek out a practitioner on the other side of the city to enjoy its benefits.


Ancient Chinese medicine teaches that qi, or ki, flows around the body, just underneath the skin. In the West, qi is commonly thought to mean ‘energy’, but the Chinese word does not translate to this, and is better understood to be channels of energy: in acupuncture, these are called meridians. The principle is a valuable and calming way of looking at ourselves, reminding us that every part of the human body is connected. It is also one to engage with on a very practical level. Think about how pure, fresh breeze brushing your face makes you feel – it is not superficial or fragmented, it is enriching.




While a variety of oils and tools are used in Gua Sha, Earth To You has chosen those brought to us by nature.


Soft pink like a rose, with the solid, cool dependability of a mineral: our Rose Quartz tools are luminescent on a bathroom shelf, inviting you to take in your hand and hold to your face. They are purposely designed for different areas, too: the face and neck, scalp, eyebrows, and eyes.


For the smooth and effective use of Gua Sha tools, spritz your face beforehand with Organic Rose Water, and immediately apply a few drops of Organic Jojoba Oil. 




The term ‘meditation’ is used widely, making it too easy to lose sight of its meaning and value. By meditating, all you are asking of yourself is to concentrate, for a limited and usually short space of time, on a single idea, word, or sensation. This helps train your awareness and attention, and you can benefit from the practice with only a few minutes a day.


The simple, beneficial techniques of Gua Sha are one way of engaging with meditative practice. Simply by focusing on straightforward gestures and most importantly listening to your senses. This allows you to shut out all the concerns that might otherwise persist on a busy day. Next time you focus in this way, notice when your mind wanders away, and gently bring it back, without admonishing yourself. These few minutes are a gift you have given your mind and body. It will be appreciated.

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