My Message To Humans

This is my creation, my nectar.
I send it from the "Thousand Lakes" to deliver a message.
Who am I? Read on to find out.


At sunrise, my home under my wings, I fly, watching the Thousand Lakes with glittering eyes. My bones are the stone of the earth, my breath is the trees, my blood is of the river.

I have been given wings to carry the sweet nectar of life to every hillside, every valley, every part of the soil of this land.

Heves, wakes up at the same hour as me. I see her watering the crops. I swirl around her to say my hello.

She takes care of my hive, and I take care of her crops. She says no to human-made fertilisers - the speed, the force, the manipulation. She knows that it is my job to carry life into her crop.

She doesn't feed me antibiotics, she doesn't feed me sugar. I take what I need from my honey that I make, and she takes the rest. You wait for "a year" for my beeswax to get inside your balm.

My beeswax is not a mass-produced beauty ingredient - tiny pellets in pale yellow, smelling already rancid, four times cheaper, melts faster, easier to formulate with.

My beeswax is the whole ecosystem, the medicine of this land - the Thousand Lakes. 

Heves and I will never give up on this land or on you just because some do it the wrong way. I will continue to send my beeswax so that you, as nature itself, won't rely on a chemical wax perfectly engineered in labs or a single plant wax when my beeswax is the whole ecosystem, the medicine of this land - the Thousand Lakes.

2% of the Bee population is responsible for 80% of the crop population on Earth. They pollinate, helping plants grow and produce food, keeping the cycle of life turning. Organic farmers, nature rely on a diversity of bees. But the native honeybee population is on a decline due to pesticide use, loss of habitat, unnatural land practices, climate change, deforestation, growing human population.⁠ ⁠

So what do we do? How do we help the bees to reclaim their role as an integral part of the ecosystem?

The answer is by restoring native beekeeping farms. They then increase the number of local bees available to pollinate not only their crops but also reclaim the role of the bees as an integral part of surrounding habitats. ⁠

Just because some do it the wrong way, we can not abandon nature; we need to move with it in balance and peace.


with all my love,





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