My body and I are a team

Fall, winter, spring, and I finally arrived in the summer. 

Twenty-five thousand genes - all made of atoms, my body = the Milky Way galaxy starts heating up.


As more and more light enters, my body starts sweating to cool me down.

Some say, "Blocks the sweat completely".
I won't.
My body and I are a team.
Some say, "Use natural deodorants only powered by baking soda to neutralise the odour. We eat baking soda." 
But It doesn't answer the bigger question. Why does my sweat produce an odour? Every symptom I experience in my divine body is a message to me. What is the reason behind the smell? I want to know the reason so I can give my body what it wants. I don't want to put a bandage over a problem.
My body and I are a team.
The microbiome under my arm consists of good and bad bacteria found on the epidermis, in the sweat glands, sweat pores, and hair follicles. Even though the sweat is odourless, it produces an odour once it reacts with the odour-causing bacteria.
The external solution to prevent odour is to increase the amount of good bacteria in the underarms so that bad ones don't have a chance to cause odour. Just like eating whole foods for my gut microbiome, I need to apply Earth to my underarms.
Such as using an actual natural deodorant balm made by slowly cooking Calendula, Nettles, Cleavers and the root of the Burdock. 
My pores, my sweat glands aren't blocked. I sweat as I should be, and yet my sweat does not smell.

Because my body and I are a team.

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