Love like a mother. No womb is needed.

Let me tell you a true story. There are no plants in this one, at least in the beginning.

A family of four begins with a teacher falling in love with a midwife in his homeland. From a sunny land of the West to a winter wonderland of the East called "Thousand Lakes", she came to heal to help women give birth.


"A horse would take you there"
they said.

On a horse, wind blowing her hair, she travelled from one forgotten corner of the "Thousand Lakes" to another. 

"Where is the woman?" 
She yelled as she entered the house. 

She was the hope in hearts, the shelter of lives.

"Here," they said.

Women were the backbone of the sunny farmland she came from. It was her duty to protect the mother and the baby, to help give birth to a child of joy, hope and laughter.

...and she did—many, many times.

On a mission to raise nurses and midwives, to give power to the woman of his land, the teacher was hit by a tsunami of love.

Who was she? Boundless light, eternal grace on a mission on his land where only man ruled.

While her fiance was waiting in her sunny farmland, she saw a courageous, adventurous life in service in the teacher's eyes. How could she say no?

Two souls, a union of east and west, sun and winter, destined to be together, gave birth to a life in service.

Raising two girls of their own, their home became a shelter, a temple of generosity, acceptance and love seizing the hearts of the young and old.

"I will name her "Melody", she said.
It was the melodies of the East and the West she sang that melted this union into oneness like magic. 

"I will name her "Evolution", he said.
The change was needed to create a better world. 

Then, one day, it was her voice that disappeared at first. Her voice that she sang melodies from the East and the West.

Was she ill?

"A disease of the new earth", they said. "Incurable", they said. His heart was shattered into thousands of pieces like the thousand lakes. 

"The girls", he thought.
"How could I tell them? What would I tell them?"

Was the story ending? - the courageous, adventurous life in service...

"Never", she said!

"There is no room for giving up in this union! We set out on this road to live our truth—love and acceptance. Would circumstances matter? No, they don't. If I give up, then the girls will —they will give up when it's tough. I can't let this happen," she said.

"I am never giving up on life or us until my last breath," she said.

Then, a 19-year inspirational journey started - a fight with an unknown enemy.

What would "love" do?

How much pain can your body, your soul handle just to stay with the people you love?

How many cold metals have to cut through your skin for you to give up when you can't even scream?

Slowly losing all her abilities, her eyes became her voice. One blink was a yes, and yet never once did she say "Yes" to "Mom, are you in pain?"

What lengths would you go to save someone you love when all the doors were closed?

Would you invent medicine?

He did.

Would you make decisions out of a dream you saw last night?

He did.

"My dad came to my dream," he said.
"He said it will take a long time, but don't worry, she will be fine; I am with you". "Stand up and jump out of this window," he said. "You will survive, He said you would".

A day the two girls will never ever forget.

Would you go against medicine?

He did.

"She can no longer chew food; feed her this drug as the food," they said".

And yet he found a way to feed her the best diet a human can ever eat.

"She can no longer move; her muscles are dying". "No one can survive with no movement," they said. 

Like the mother without a womb, he was
"I will be her leg, I will be her arm, I will be her body. If I have to move her body every single day, I will", he said.

In the centre of the house, like the beautiful butterfly, she lay in her bed while melodies from the East and West filled the room; he became her arms, her legs, moving them in such a symphony every single day for 19 years.

No doctor to this day understands how she lived 19 years without moving a muscle on her own.

But we know.

It was "Love".

I am the Melody (Ezgi) in this true story. The day her body left us, I asked myself, should I go with her?

The answer was as sharp as a knife.

"Do everything in your power to be worthy of this love."

Heal the MS (Multiple Sclerosis), be the example and leave a legacy in their name, in the name of "love".

Earth To You was born out of a long battle with cancer and is a testimony to "love".

Love like a mother.
No womb is needed.

 Happy Mother's Day.

with all my love,
Ezgi (Melody)



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