In the kitchen : Bouquet of flowers

In the kitchen this week

I am a bouquet of flowers you lay on your temple every day. Watch me dance as I give my everything into the oils I rest for three months in the apothecary I am invited into.

I am Chamomile

I am Lavender

I am Rose

I am Rosemary

I am Nettle

I am Rosehip


I am in this recipe as a whole plant, not as one chemical component of my body. Because I heal as a whole. Every cell of mine is bound together into a communication network held by my purpose, my reason for being alive, and my wisdom, which I gained living under millennia of stress.


When you touch a plant, its flower you are touching infinity. I existed long before there were human beings on this earth and will continue to exist for millions of years to come. 


I am Chamomile: My flower is rich in Azulene. I am an anti-inflammatory plant; I soothe your reactive, inflamed, acne-prone skin. I reduce your redness, itching, and irritation. Superficial Beauty extracts my Azulene by force; they don't know that I heal as a whole plant. Just as you struggle without an organ, I am just marketing material without the whole of me in the recipe.
I am Lavender: I am a true healer for blemish-prone skin. I balance your oil production and the microbiome. I give you relief from acne and inflammation. I am a relaxant, too. I relax your autonomic nervous system, which is influenced by all the unconscious behaviours and beliefs you have, grasping the physical body tightly during the day. 
I am Calendula: The bright yellow colour of my flower means carotenoids and resins in my body. I repair and restore the skin barrier and hyperpigmentation. I move stagnant lymph and blood by warming and urging the skin toward healthy circulation. The life circulating in you then heals compromised, vulnerable, sensitive skin. 
I am Rose: You will feel my oil when you touch my flower because I am filled with essential lipids and Vitamin E. I keep your skin barrier strong. My whole plant is full of vitamin C in a stable form. I repair and prevent hyperpigmentation. I give your skin and mind a little love by calming your redness, rosacea and similar skin conditions caused by autoimmune heat and excitation.

I am in this recipe as a whole plant, my purpose, my wisdom, my reason for being alive because I am just a marketing material without the whole of me. 




Let the divine nature in...

with all my love...
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