A New Year - Will you choose you?


Everything that has ever lived and will ever live is "You" - It's in you and all around you. You are Calendula, You are Rose, You are Rosemary, You are Lavender, You are me, I am you.


Our shared mother and father aren't injectables, isolated chemicals or lifeless food. They are the trees, they are the moon, they are the Sun, they are the flowers, they are the sea, they are the air...
You are a soul in a temple made of everything that has ever lived on this planet and beyond.

But who is that voice constantly finding you in every corner, telling you that you need everything outside of you to complete you?

Yes, that voice...
The same voice that tells you to take a walk in nature because it's healthy also tells you to immerse yourself into lifeless chemicals, 10-step skincare routines, hide away from the Sun, exfoliate the life away from you, double cleanse as if you are dirty.

Who is that voice?

Is it superficial beauty on a mission to deprive you of your own power, using "Fear" - your survival instinct to fool you into believing in a non-existent danger?

One day, we will all leave this temple and this plane of existence, taking nothing but all the memories with us back to oneness.

What memories will you take with you? The days you followed your dream that is put in your heart for a reason?
The days you pollute your brain with the unnecessary voice of superficial beauty, the fear that they feed you with? Tell me divine nature...

Life is a choice, and nobody chooses you; you choose you.


You are complete.

You are whole.

You are beautiful.


Now go shine your light, divine nature. That is why you are here!

with all my love
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