Peaceful Sleep Likya Hot Stone Massage


1. Fill a bowl with boiling water and place the Likya stones inside  

2. Apply rose water, followed by face elixir to your face and neck

3. Remove the hot stones from the water and leave them to stand for a 3-minutes minimum.

Important Notes:

Never use the stones straight from the hot water. Always move them over the skin without holding over one area. They may feel a little too hot at first, but as soon as you move them around the body, the heat will become tolerable and feel wonderful. Keep the hot bowl next to you and dip them inside when they lose heat after 2 minutes. If you are performing other massages, you will need to re-heat them with boiling water in between massages.


1. At the midpoint between the two ends of the eyebrows, you will find your 'third eye', or ‘hall of impression’. This point has a very powerful ability to calm the mind, it also helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

2. Glide the hot stones across your brows to your temples. Rotate the stones in clockwise and anticlockwise rotations. This point is one of the twelve meridians., It is the longest of all meridians and contains a reflecting point for each of the body organs. (Applying gentle pressure to this area will ease headaches, dizziness, eye and/or sinus issues. )

3. Directly below the pupil of the eye and in line with the lips, you will find acupressure point ST5. This is the crossing point of the Stomach and Large Intestine Meridians. Pressure to this point activates the meridians.

4. LI20 is located in the nasolabial groove. It is the crossing point for the Large Intestine and Stomach meridians. Massaging this area opens the nasal passage and clears any excess heat. Complete this motion by using the edges of the stone to sculpt your cheekbones

5. Glide the hot stones across your cheeks, and release by gliding them down the neck. 

6. Finish by focusing on the neck, moving the stone in a downward motion, applying pressure to ST11 to descend Qi through the body and benefit the throat and neck. 

Take a deep breath and thank yourself for restoring balance between your body and mind.

Please Note: This video intends to be informational only and does not intend to cure or treat any illness. We encourage you to consult with a medical professional if you are seeking medical advice.

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