Microbiome Trial

If you are experiencing any of the skin conditions listed below and are not currently using our microbiome-friendly set, then you may be eligible for our Microbiome Trial.

Cystic, inflamed or mild acne





What is Microbiome Trial?

Similar to the gut microbiome, the skin microbiome is the incredibly diverse web and interplay of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that live on our skin. Just like in our gut, these fill a prominent role in our skin health. Skin conditions listed above are mainly a result of this ecosystem becoming unbalanced.

Our Microbiome Friendly set has been healing so many people with these conditions. So we like to run an official trial and share the results with the world. If you are accepted, we will ask you to do the following;

- We will send you our full set and ask you to start using it as instructed for 28 days - your whole skin cycle without using absolutely no additional skincare: serums, oils, creams, toners, cleansers, soap, SPF, sunscreen, and medicated creams so that we can determine that the result of the trial is 100% true.


- If you are on a prescribed medicated cream, then you won't be eligible for the trial.


- We will ask you to send us photos of your facial skin where you experience these skin conditions on;


Day 0 before you start using

Day 1: First day after using

Day 5

Day 10

Day 28

- Please keep in mind that before & after images of your facial skin will be shared on our website or social media. 

If all sounds good to you, please fill out the questionnaire, and we will get back to you if you are accepted.

Thank you and good luck!