Likya Hot Stone Massage for Upper Body


1. Fill a bowl with boiling water and place the Likya stones inside to warm them up

2. Apply Jojoba oil to your chest, arms and neck   

3. Remove the hot stones from the water and leave them to stand for a 1-minute minimum.

Important Notes:

Never use the stones straight from the hot water. Always move them over the skin without holding over one area. They may feel a little too hot at first, but as soon as you move them around the body, the heat will become tolerable and feel wonderful. Keep the hot bowl next to you and dip them inside when they lose heat after 2 minutes. If you are performing other massages, you will need to re-heat them with boiling water in between massages.


1. To begin, we will start with pressure point K26. Start by moving the hot stones in clockwise rotations followed by anticlockwise rotations. Massaging this point will help to open the chest and release lung and stomach Qi. 

2. At the base of the neck, you will find acupressure point GB21. It is the crossing point for the Gallbladder and Stomach Meridians. Massaging this point releases stress and tension stored in the neck. 

3. Lung 1 is another pressure point below the collarbone. It serves as one of the acupressure points for chest pain, back pain, and asthma. Be careful when pushing this acupoint as the muscles around it are thin.

4. Under your arm, you can find pressure point GB22. Move the stone around the area and find what feels right for you. When you have found the point that feels good, massage with the hot stones. Applying pressure to this point opens the chest and relaxes the sinews. 

5. SP19, otherwise known as chest village, is located at the far edge of the chest.  Massaging this point can relieve lung heat.

Top up the oil if needed.

6. Using the edge of the hot stone, apply small circular rotations from the top to the bottom of your arm, this will help to release any tension you have stored in these mussels. Finish by dragging the flat surface of the stone from your wrist to your shoulder, this will help move stagnant lymph built up in your upper body. Repeat on the other arm.

7. Using the same technique, repeat this process for the underside of your arms. If you find any sensitive areas, take a deep breath and maintain pressure on this area. Repeat on the opposite arm. 

Take a deep breath and thank yourself for restoring balance between your body and mind.

Please Note: This video intends to be informational only and does not intend to cure or treat any illness. We encourage you to consult with a medical professional if you are seeking medical advice.

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