How To Apply Castor Oil For Hair - 7 Steps

For Silky, Soft and Fast-Growing Hair

After years of bleach and sun damage, my hair became incredibly dry. I tried every drugstore serum and treatment before I started Earth To You not knowing that they smelt nice but coated my hair in silicone so it felt good to touch – Gave me a sense of healing but as soon I stop using them I found that nothing was actually healing my hair and everything went back to how it was. So, I came up with this recipe.

Inspired by ancient traditions and powered by plants, this is the ultimate hair mask for those who want to nourish with natural. Argan and Castor Oil come together to be the perfect remedy. When combined, the two seed oils work to actually heal the hair from the root to the tip. While Argan targets dryness and delivers a boost of vitamins and nutrients to the hair, Castor is naturally reparative and encourages healthy growth. The result is soft, silky and nourished hair that grows longer and stronger.

This recipe is highly recommended if you have:

  • Bleached hair

  • Extremely dry ends, or dry hair in general

  • Dandruff

  • Or, are suffering from hair loss

You Will Need…….


Good for: Stimulating the scalp and nourishing the hair for healthy, thick, long locks.

Organically grown and cold-pressed in India, Castor is known for its deeply nourishing qualities. First used by Ayurvedic practitioners as a healing and curative remedy, the oil still has its place in any modern medicine cabinet. Rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, Castor Oil penetrates the scalp to promote blood flow therefore increasing growth and thickening hair.


Good for: Repairing damage and rehydrating the hair for silky and soft locks

Grown and harvested by an inspirational co-operative of women near Agadir, Argan rehydrates hair to restore natural shine. Intensely nutritious and packed with antioxidants, the oil was traditionally used as a remedy for hair damaged in the heat of the African sun. Argan has softening and restorative qualities that feed the scalp with Earth’s natural goodness. 

Our single ingredient, unrefined oils are completely organic. From the earth they’re grown in, to the bottles they’re stored in - there is no chemical intervention. Free from harmful and toxic ingredients such as hexane, silicone and sulphates – Earth To You Oils are pure and high quality to retain as much of the plants innate healing properties as possible.


Mix 1 part Castor Oil with 2 parts Argan Oil into a small bowl.⁠ Depending on the length of your hair, start small, pour as needed and mix it well.


Castor oil is naturally thick and sticky, so we recommend applying the blend bit by bit. We suggest you go a bit 1990’s and make little buns over your hair. Think Gwen Stefani! Twist your hair into sections and pin-up with grips.


Take some oil and warm up in your hands. Open a bun, apply from roots to tips. Pay particular attention to the roots then clip your bun back in. This is to stop the hair getting in your way while doing other sections.


Once all your hair has been covered, open all the grips and take at least a few minutes to massage your whole head and scalp, moving onto the hair.


Pull all your hair together and pop on a shower cap with a towel around it (the towel will keep your pillow oil-free). Leave for overnight for the best results.


In the morning, wash the oil away with lukewarm water and a sulfate-free shampoo. Condition as usual.


Enjoy your silky, soft hair and repeat this process weekly for best results.


Good luck!

Ezgi xx

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