Raise The Bar

This is the picture of my window. Do you see how the bright colours are only brighter next to the darkness?


In fact, the first thing your eye noticed in this picture was the white frames of the window. They caught your eye! Don't they?


Do you feel sad about what is going on in the world - wars, fights = darkness? How do we change that darkness? By fighting with darkness = staying dark next to darkness?

Shining so bright next to that darkness that you blind it. You take the breath away of darkness.


Imagine you are "sun". The more you shine, the further away you can radiate your light. Imagine I am a sun too, shining less and a little further away from you. You start shining so bright that you lid me up. Now I am shining brighter that I lid someone else up.


Now imagine like a wave, enough of us doing the same, shining so bright until we lid up all the darkness. That is how you turn the darkness into light, by focusing on shining "right where you are first." Ending the suffering around you first.


Then, like a wave, your light will reach the far corners of the world. You just can't see from a bird's eye view how much of a contribution you are making to the world by shining "right where you are first."
We live in an information age bombarded by news. But to be able to get to that far corner of the world, you have to shine "right where you are first."

Did someone betray you? Make a mark in that person's head by forgiving. Raise the bar on forgiveness. Make a mark that they can never ever forget. Lid that person up and then keep walking forward, knowing that you have just made a concrete mark in their consciousness. You lid them up! That is how we collectively lid the darkness.


Raise the bar on;

How much you can give
How much you can forgive
How much you can love


This doesn't mean you let people hurt you. If you shine bright, no darkness can get to you! You would take the breath away of darkness! You are on another level. Keep shining brighter and brighter "right where you are."


Beautiful soul, Are you sad about the world?
Raise the bar!
Shine even more brighter!

with all my love,

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