Message From A Farmer

The farmer wakes up before sunrise. There is a long day ahead: harvest crops, feed animals, fertilise the land.

It is as if they innately know they need to be under the light, bare skin before 10 am while the greatest amount of different healthy light spectrums occurs in the sky. Their skin starts building up melanin, their very own sun protector, to prepare them for the day ahead.

These are the people who are in tune with nature and have not met with sunscreen yet. I am not talking about city farmers or people who do this in developed countries with access to the internet. I am talking about my grandmother and maybe your grandmother too. Mine left us at the age of 88 due to old age, never had a cell phone, didn't watch TV, knew the difference between chard and spinach, drank water from the ground, hands in the mud; she was protected by nature. 



Our grandmother in the middle. I am on the left and my sister on the right - Burdur / Türkiye


In the city, in our apartments, you and I need proof because we are bombarded with information. Necessary or unnecessary, we know everything. It's difficult to hear our intuition unless you have a ritual where you close your eyes and go within.

But thanks to the research like this one, we have proof. As the research states, early morning light, specifically infrared, is critical in prepping the skin for a day in the Sun. So if you want to reduce the risk of getting sunburned in summer, you need morning sunlight. Early morning sun is particularly low in UV-B (or ultra-violet) rays which gives our skin a tan or burn, depending on how long we are exposed to it. The Sunlight in the morning, instead, is full of UV-A and Infrared (IR-A) lights, which I mentioned in this email built Ez-Water = energy at a cellular level in your divine body.

That's why the best way to get healthy exposure to Sunlight is to create your own morning sun ritual! 


Get up at dawn: The most benefits come from the Sun when our shadows are longer than our bodies or at least before 10 am. Expose your bare skin and eyes to Sunlight.
Bare Skin: Wear as few clothes as possible to absorb the most IR-A and UV-A rays. 
Naked eyes: The human eye has the amazing ability to absorb and use Sunlight. Take off any sunglasses, glasses, and contacts to get the naked eye exposed to light.
Earthing: Why not take off your shoes and combine earthing for an even better morning boost? This research on earthing, also known as grounding, is outstanding.
Cosmic Energy - Meditation: Meditation has changed my life in such ways I could never imagine. I get overly excited about this subject, so without making this email longer, even if you are not a meditator, I wholeheartedly recommend that you turn off that phone, sit still in silence, and sky gaze as long as possible to awaken the intelligence that lives inside you. The quieter you become, the more you can hear its voice. What a voice that is! 
Breathe: Fill your cells with 02. Practice a breathing ritual.
As I always say, surrender to nature if you are still worried about the Sun. Inside the Sun Elixir, give your worry to Green Tea, Comfrey, Parsley, Bilberry, Cranberry, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Witch-hazel, Elderberry, Calendula, Sesame, Olive, Pumpkin, Red Raspberry, Pomegranate.
I know the human mind needs proof. My mind is more analytical than my science teacher :). So, I have done my research and linked to many studies for each of these plants and how much protection they offer on the product page.

I dream of a world where you and I have hands in mud, drink water from the ground, and are not scared of nature because we humans are the fruit of nature...

with all my love,
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