Are you afraid to love?

"Love" is a state of being.

Photo by Magician by Anne Nygård 


I am from a species called humans.

My start on this earth was rough. I had to fight to survive.

The rain, the cold, the tiger around the bushes, I had to find my way home.

I killed not to get killed; I ate not to get eaten. I slept in the hidden corner of my cave, one eye open. Ready to fight or run away. They say that I am 300,000 years young.

One day, I discovered a feeling called "love" when I looked at you - the eye of my lover, my child, my neighbour, my tribe. As if I was looking at an infinite mirror, I saw EVERYTHING.

"Speak my language to all," - it said loud and clear.

My tired body was hit by a tsunami, I froze.

I dropped my guard.

I helped, I healed, I forgave.

In the end, I got beaten by the "me", who had yet to see the infinite mirror.

Defeated, I did not go back to fighting. I chose love over and over again until "I became love".

Today, I am called the saint, the mystic, a holy being.

I am "you". I am all around you, looking back at you from the infinite mirror in the eye of every living being...

"You", the saint, the mystic, the holy being reading this, your human heart, your love is keeping the world alive, helping us breathe.

For centuries;

You chose love over fear.

You chose love over hatred.

You chose love over anger.

That's why we still exist.

300,000 young, the body that you are wearing is already prepared for what's next - the rain, the cold, the betrayal, the lie, the trauma, the tiger around the bushes.

You have lived before. You have died before.

What are you afraid of?

Don't you remember "Speak my language to all," - it said loud and clear.

Stand up and be strong to choose love over and over again until "YOU BECOME LOVE", beautiful soul... 

with all my love

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