Are You Afraid To Be Happy?


I came from nothing, from eternal light.

I was nobody, in nowhere, in no time.

I broke myself into pieces.

I created a temple = a body, many of them.

I saw them all around.

I called them "you".

I became somebody, in somewhere, in some time.

I let myself forget that I was "you" so that I could live many lives and create many experiences to answer the question, "Is there anything more than oneness?

Today, I am at a turning point.

I immersed myself in my somebodiness so much so that it is causing me pain.

I feel the need to fight with you = with me, to protect what's ours.

I am afraid of you.

I am afraid of me.

I am afraid to be happy.

I am feeding my temple = us with fear.

But I can not create a beautiful world If I don't let myself be happy.

Because if the world is dead and I am dead in it, why not let it all die? Why not burn it all to the ground? Why does it matter?

It matters If I feel it, If I let myself be happy, If I love my temple into life without guilt.

What are you feeding your temple with? In your self-care rituals, are you letting yourself be loved by you without guilt?

They always tell me, "But the world is dying, Ezgi," and I say, "Yes, I am relaxed and awake to love to create a new Earth into existence".

Don't be afraid to be happy so that you = I = us = eternal light can create a new Earth, to love it into existence...

Follow the link in bio for our "Self-care rituals" to love yourself into life without guilt...

with all my love

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