To Your Father

This one is for your dad. Please send it to him—not to your mom, not to your sister or brother, but to "him."

Divine masculine,


We know you are strong; we know you are courageous; we know you can move mountains. But how is your feminine side doing?


A balanced human being has both - The masculine and the feminine.


Can your kids talk to you? Can your kids tell you their deepest secrets and deepest pains? The ones they keep to themselves and suffer alone because there is no one strong like yourself to talk to.
And yet you are the divine masculine; you can move mountains for them. But can they talk to you? Can they share everything with you? Can they reach your heart?
The greatest courage is to open one's heart. We have enough strong man who keep their emotions to themselves all around the world. We are scared of them. We don't feel safe around them.
Do your kids feel safe around you? Can you cry with them? I don't believe you want gifts from them. I think you want them to know you are there for them no matter what, you would protect them, and they can tell you everything.

We need more men who are not afraid to feel and who are in their hearts, just as we need more women who are strong and in their power. A balanced human being has both - The masculine and the feminine.


Let me tell you about my dad;
My dad can cry in seconds and move mountains at the same time for me. I am not afraid of this world as long as I have my dad. There are songs that make me think of him with tears in my eyes, and yet he is still alive. A phone call away. My passion is to leave a legacy in my dad's and mom's name.

Give yourself permission to feel again, feel deeply, open your heart. Don't be afraid to shed tears. Your kids, the world need you. But we are afraid of you. None can get to you. 


The only man you can trust is the man who is in his heart.


Happy Father's Day!


with all my love,
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