To the Healer in You

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You "the healer", You "the divine nature" in human flesh, they have convinced you that you need anything and everything outside of you to heal you, to complete you. 


You don't!

Now that you have your sample let me explain what we are doing with the Sun Elixir. But first, let's start with an experiment done about how our minds and emotions affect every single cell in our bodies.

Keep reading for some evolutionary, non-superficial beauty. 

It will be worth it!

They did an experiment; they took a group of people, prayers, and healers. They took three vials of DNA and put them in front of the meditators. They told these people, "We want you to see this DNA wind and unwind with your mind (intention), and we want you to give thanks (emotion) as if the DNA unwound. %25 of the DNA unwound at a remote location.

How you think and how you feel broadcasts an electromagnetic signature that influences every single cell in your body and atom in your world, independent of the conditions of your environment. 

I am not just saying this but have lived it, healing myself from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) with my thoughts and emotions without medicine.
If you are saying you need a chemical substance to deal with the effects of the Sun, even though the human race has existed, evolved, and thrived under the light of the Sun before the internet, in other words, since we stepped foot on this Earth, then you are right!
You gave the command, and your nervous system is going to obey the rules. Your thoughts and emotions are that powerful. You need that chemical. 
But I don't.
... and just like many of us who grew up in sunny countries without holding a bottle of sunscreen unless we were at the beach sunbathing ten days a year.
What you are doing with Sun Elixir is giving your body time to activate, to awaken the healer in you, and to condition your body and mind to a new belief that you are the healer!
It is not to get you addicted to another product even though it is healthy, nourishing, and beautiful but to give your immune system a helping hand from plants, which are already scientifically proven to be protective against UV rays without being harmful to your body or further tire your immune system like a chemical does while you adjust to the new belief that you are the healer!
If we start now, then we have enough time till next summer...

...and then, on a beautiful summer day, you, as the divine nature;

Soaking every little frequency of light without barriers,

Getting that much-needed Vitamin D,

Building EZ water for energy in your cells,

Beautiful skin microbiome is thriving,

Production of melanin, increasing,

Blood flow improving, 

in short, you are blossoming like a flower with a healthy, beautiful tan.

All of a sudden, you feel a boost in your energy, your health improves, and for some reason, you don't age :). Oh, let's also add that you just took your power back from superficial beauty, and you now know you are the healer! 

It is you! It has always been you! 

And then people ask you, "What do you do?" you tell them, "I gave my body permission to do its work. I am letting my magnificent body heal me. I am no longer addicted to anything outside of me." 
You use the Sun Elixir less and less...
And then you start thinking about what other beliefs I carry that are putting me in a mental prison of my own making? 

You are awakening to the truth...

You are divine, you are love, you are light... 

Go shine your light, beautiful divine nature!

with all my love...
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