The Hungry Child

Exfoliating Skin


Taking a bowl of delicious food away from a hungry child. That is what superficial beauty tells you to do when they talk about exfoliating skin.



In the name of what, I ask? 

...and who is this hungry child?

Come, let me take you to that child, to the playground, to the galaxy…

I feel small when I think about the 100 billion stars in our galaxy. It makes me aware of all that is unknown, unknowable to my human mind.
Could I even think of controlling the cosmos? So that stars glow brighter? No. For all that I don't know, I do know this:


To change the delicate balance of the cosmos to destroy it. 

Take all those stars and multiply them by 10. Welcome to your "skin microbiome".

A galaxy, living in peace on you - your team - guarding the temple, not letting anything with the slightest possibility of dangering you in. 

No one can fool them.
They do everything on a moment-to-moment basis to protect you, to take care of you at the door - the skin - your first defence mechanism against the environment.
And what do they ask of you? 
Go with the divine flow; let me care of you. It is my job to take care of you. They are the hungry child. Your dead skin cells are food to the microbiome. They break dead skin cells and feed on them.
But I take the tube daily, and there is pollution, the makeup residue. What do I do, you might ask? Then, you take their cue - the divine flow.

Herbal Detox Face Mask 



You feed them with natural enzymes Chlorella, Matcha, Moringa, and Spirulina. Feed them a delicious, nutritious meal that they are looking forward to. 
Let these natural enzymes break down the dead skin cells while tiny crystals from the Earth itself, Kaolin, and Green Clay remove the dead skin cells, leaving nothing but pure nature - a delicious, nutritious meal - on you.
No irritation, no dryness, no force, no manipulation; even if you don't follow up with oil, the skin will feel unbelievably soft, and smooth.
Do you know why?
Because you followed the divine order, the flow, you trusted. You trusted that there is a reason why the galaxy exists. You did not attempt to destroy the galaxy just because a cosmetic formulator as human as you told you to do so.

Free yourself from the mental prison of superficial beauty.


Celebrate "you", and give that microbiome - the galaxy - a much-needed hug. Destroying the delicate balance of your temple and its divine order is not a hug.


with all my love

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