Kill The Predator

I am anxious, I am worried, I am stressed.

The survival gene I inherited is not just on; it's pulsating with a heightened sense of alertness. My heart is pumping against the closed system - my temple. I look up to see a predator—nothing on the horizon. My body wants to get up and move, yet there is no predator to kill or run away from.

  1. I start swaying my body back and forth as many times as I like.
  2. I bring my hands to my upper legs; I press and slide them towards my knees as many times as I like.
  3. I squeeze my hands together, squeeze them tight until I shake.
  4. I put my right hand under my left armpit and my left hand over my right arm. I hug myself and stay here.

I feel relaxed as if nothing has happened. My energy is in my heart again. I am "love" again.

They call these "Somatic exercises". But that's not the important point. 

Do you see what we are up against? Do you see how primitive this survival gene is? Do you see how easy it is to trick your body into coming out of these survival emotions and change your energy?

Let them call you crazy; let them call you weird. Next time you feel anything other than love, happiness, peace, excuse yourself from wherever you are and give that stressed energy something to do. 

Kill the predator.
Get back into your heart.

The alternative is to stay there like the rest of the world and turn these emotions into a mood and then a personality trait. Find people who do the same and suffer together.
Justified or not, these emotions are hurting nobody but "you."

Your body can not digest the nutrients in your healthy meal. You can not receive the medicine in your holistic skincare. Your thinking gets polarised. You start making choices that won't align with the dream life you desperately want to live. Your body is only interested in "survival". All your energy is mobilised to spend on "survival". Because if you are dead, then nothing matters.

But you are not dying. It's just that you are anxious, worried, stressed.


So, trick the primitive survival gene.
Kill the predator.
Get back into your heart.

with all my love,



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