It's simple = Believe in "you"

I am with people—people I just met. I am listening to every word that comes out of their mouth, giving my undivided attention. I am right here. I am listening to you. Tell me what's on your mind. 

Tell me everything. Tell me the things that you can't tell anybody else—your pain, your joy—everything. Remove the mask. We just met, I know. But I want you to feel safe for once in your lifetime—a stranger is ready to listen to you and won't hold anything against you. People hurt you because you spoke? Not this time. To speak your heart is to be free. What would it take? For me to tell my secrets? Ok, then I will. I am not afraid. Your freedom is my freedom. Your joy is my joy. Your pain is my pain. I will tell you my secrets.


Of course, they ask what I do. As soon as I say, conversation comes to ageing. People in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s start telling me about their routines. I see thirsty, tired faces with wrinkles that should not be there. Not that there is anything wrong with it. But that's not what they want, and yet, one step after another, I am listening to their routines, which I call "chronic disbelief in themselves". 
The cleanser
The acid
The retinol
The peptides
The ceramides
The Botox
I am getting tired.

At 42, I don't have what they have. What do you do, Ezgi, they ask? I say I believe in the healing power of my body. I only give it what it wants and trust it. Trust that my body will take care of me. I believe in me. I don't calculate. I don't follow the crowd. I don't follow what they say. The only thing that I follow is my body.


I have 5 minutes to convince them to believe in themselves. Can I do it? I feel weak. A thick layer of conditioning I am up against. There is so much unnecessary information I have to fight, and yet the answer, the solution, is simple. Can I convince them to be simple? I feel weak. I feel hopeless.


They expect a complicated answer, yet it's simple. Believe in you, I say. They look at me like I am crazy.
Then I think about how long it took me to believe in myself and the healing power of my body—years, Ezgi. It took you years.


2 Cancers in my family (mom and sister), an illness of my own (MS). How many times have I heard from someone in a lab coat with salt and pepper hair, "You are playing Russian roulette with your brain? MS is a chronic illness; there is no cure. You will be bound to a wheelchair. Take the medicine, Ezgi." 


No, I said. Enough.


I am choosing to believe in myself. I am gonna take a chance on me. Best decision of my life. I healed my MS with no medicine. 


Do you want a wrinkle-free face?


Believe in yourself. Follow what your skin does every single minute of every hour. Obey it like it's the Bible—it's the Qur'an—It's the Torah, you name it... You will not only have a wrinkle-free face but a wrinkle-free life!

Power to you! Power to your magnificent body! 


This one is for those I couldn't convince who expected complicated answers from me.


with all my love,

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