In the Kitchen Walking the lush greens of the forest floor.

Wild Forest Body Balm

I am the forest, I am the trees, I am the grass, I am the flowers that grow.

I am Chickweed

I am Plantain

I am Lemon Balm

I am Rose

I am Valerian Root


I am the forest, and the forest is you.

I am Plantain: Watch where you step; I might be under your foot. My name comes from the Latin word planta, a foot. I grow and survive in soils that have been heavily compacted by foot. I possess extra power to draw water and nutrients out of compacted ground. I am nature's drawing agent. I am in this recipe to draw infections and foreign substances out of your skin, leaving dry, broken skin in a clean and moist state. I feed your skin with flavonoids, Vitamin C, allantoin and minerals (potassium and calcium).
I am Chickweed: You will find me around the bottom of the trees in moist, shady spots. I act deeply on the waters of the body, decongesting the lymphatics, clearing congested skin, and cleansing eczema-prone problematic skin, rashes, and outbreaks. I am also a nutritive plant. I cure through nourishment. I heal, I soothe, I moisturise anything I touch. I help the skin assimilate nutrients from every nourishing ingredient in this recipe. Chickens love me as I make them very healthy. 
I am Lemon Balm: If you ask Ezgi what one plant is embedded in every fibre of her being, she will call my name. Every household back in her other home, Türkiye, has the leaves of me on hand as an essential nerve sedative. I have also been a domestic medicine for the last several centuries in Europe. Until recently, many households had a bottle of Klosterfrau Melissengeist or "spirit of Melissa" on hand as a nerve sedative. I am in this recipe to gently open the skin to allow perspiration, relax inflamed, problematic skin, and relieve stress and nervousness. I am also full of flavonoids - compounds high in antioxidants that reduce environmental damage. 
I am Valerian Root: I am in this recipe to reduce neuromuscular tension in your body. I relieve your overexcitement and sleeplessness and help you sleep like a baby.
I am Rose: I am the symbol of love. I am the personification of passion. But when I enter your divine body, I turn down the excitement in the limbic centres of the brain, which regulates passion. I am in this recipe to give your skin and mind a little love - a calming one, the real love. I calm your redness, rosacea and similar skin conditions caused by autoimmune heat and excitation. I am also rich in antioxidants and mildly astringent. I tighten your pores, gently tone your skin, strengthen skin cells, and regenerate your skin tissue. 

Apply me after your shower or bathe on wet skin. Feed me the rain; feed me the water. I am the forest; I am the trees; I am the grass; I am the flowers that grow. I will help your temple breathe at the end of a long day, cleanse what doesn't belong, feed with the forest in me, relax your nervous system, and help you step into the realm of oneness where you belong. So you can wake up as love, as light, divine nature.



Let me in


So we become one.

with all my love...
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