In the kitchen: Message from Calendula

If you knew that death wasn't real, How would you live your life? 

The soul of Calendula asked this question to itself up in the soul plane and said; This time, I am going back to Earth to turn the Sun's fiery energies into healing medicine. I will come out during the hottest months of the year. I won't give myself another choice but to burn under the fire of the Sun so that I can learn to heal my own wounds before I help with yours. So that I can master my destiny and what I am here to do.

Humans will study my undeniable power, give worldly names, Apigenin and flavonoids (antioxidants) and find out that I protect living beings from UV rays and sunburns, maintaining skin's natural pigmentation. Just as the Sun warms everything that it touches, I will move stagnant lymph and blood by warming and urging the skin toward healthy circulation. The life circulating in them will heal compromised, vulnerable, sensitive skin.

I learned to heal my own wounds before I heal yours.

That is why you see me in almost every recipe in the apothecary I am invited to, the highest being the Sun Elixir Face and Body and then Face Elixir, Lip Mask, Night Balm, and Deodorant Balm. 

I will spin my orange skirt over their temple = body every time they use me, connect with me, and remember my name inside the oils I bathe for three months in the apothecary I am invited in to.

My name is Calendula; I like nothing more than dancing all day long, twirling and spinning under the fire of the Sun. I have so much energy that you could barely keep up with me. And then, as the Sun begins to set, I stop my twirling, close my skirt, and fall asleep, only to wake up with open arms with joy to dance again. I learned to heal my own wounds before I heal yours.

What did you choose for yourself up in the soul plane for this lifetime? What are you here to master? What is your gift that you will share or are already sharing with us, with the world? Tell me, divine nature...

When Ezgi looks at her life, She can clearly see that her deal was "I am going back there to experience all life has to offer in the most intense way to fully understand that I am divine and that I am here to inspire anybody who comes my way to awaken the divine, the healer in them." A long cancer of the mother, death of the mother, almost losing her sister to cancer, paralysed legs of her own, divorce, and to make it even more fun, add some highly sensitive yet passionate, rock-strong personality. Just like Calendula, she burns in hell with this much sensitivity only to stand back up again, strong, transformed, with a heart that is wide open to love, to forgive, to experience life in the most magical ways again and again.

Calendula says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


Keep going. 


The world, we are all looking forward to seeing your magic!

with all my love...
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