I Need Energy

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms. You, me, plants, the chair I sit in, everything.

An atom is 99.9% energy and 0.1% matter. I hold the Rosemary plant in my hand. What I see is only 0.1% matter. But that Rosemary plant is also 99.9% energy. Invisible to my human eye. A solid fact that I don't have to be spiritual or believe in woo-woo to accept.


If I apply something that is made with the actual rosemary plant, I receive it's 99.9% energy. The more the rosemary plant is processed, the less energy it will retain.
Take out one of my lungs, a kidney, appendix, tonsils, gall bladder, adenoids or lymph nodes. I can live but depend on some medicine to keep me alive. But if all is taken out at the same time, I am going to struggle. I definitely depend on a lot of medicine. I have no energy to radiate. In fact, I need you to give me your energy, whether it's your words, your care, frequent visits to my therapist, or pills. I have nothing to give you.

I make every one of our blends with plants themselves. Not with their isolated chemicals = when their lungs, kidneys, appendix, tonsils, gall bladder, adenoids or lymph nodes are removed.

with the actual plants. 


That is what this picture represents 99.9% energy and 0.1% matter.


When I apply my oils and balms on my face and my body every day, I don't have to be spiritual or believe in woo-woo to be thankful for that 99.9% energy that I can not see. 

But what we know to be true is that if my human brain understands what I am doing and why I am doing it, my body will get a greater outcome. 

A drop of Face Elixir is the energy of Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Nettle and Rose.

I call it "The Awakening To True Beauty".

Nice-smelling cosmetics, serums, creams do not mean anything to my human body. "I need ENERGY". It's the energy of the plant that heals me, not what I see.

Those serums, creams, cosmetics they have nothing to give me. They need my energy!

with all my love,
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