I am NOT a natural deodorant balm

I am NOT a natural deodorant balm. I would have been nothing but baking soda and butter if I were.


I am Calendula

I am Nettle

I am Cleavers

I am the root of the Burdock

I am Cleavers = I have a unique ability to neutralise odour in nature. When Doe's have their fawns, they choose large patches of me as their sacred space to give birth. I disguise their smell, keeping them safe.
I am Burdock = I help remove waste and bad bacteria by allowing the sweat to pass through the epidermis easily and sebaceous glands to move oil through them, which lessens the inflammation, preventing acne or boils in the underarm.
I am Nettle = I deal with protein waste that sweat produces before bacteria can act on it and create odour.
I am Calendula = Probiotics inside me made up of good bacteria that help keep the body fight off odour-causing bacteria.

I am divine nature.

 I ask one thing from the divine body of the human.

To surrender. 

To let me in.

So we become one.

They are not aware that they hold the keys to their temple, their body. Nothing can enter to help or hurt them if they don't let it in. They eat the best diet in their worry, in their fear, in their mistrust. The only thing that happens is that their magnificent body produces organic fear. 
They are the fish in the water asking for a drink. The divine is all around them. They are the ones not letting help in.
Give up the control, give up the worry, give up the resistance. 


Let the divine nature in...

with all my love...
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