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I am an olive tree, and I am here to tell you a true story about "you and the sun".

A student in a lab starts experimenting with light, unaware that he is on the brink of scientific discovery about "you and the sun". He shines a light onto water on a hydrophilic (water-loving) surface. As if he plugged the water into a socket, the water turns into a gel-like texture, splitting into positive and negative charges, creating a battery = energy. 


He moves the light away, and the water becomes liquid again—no more energy, no more battery.
Amazed by what he saw, the student ran to his professor. 
Why was he excited, you might ask? 
Let me tell you why;
Inside your cells, there are large macromolecules, mostly proteins, and these proteins have hydrophilic surfaces. Around your cells, there is plenty of water, too. In fact, we now know our body is 60% water.
When your body comes into contact with "light," the water around your cells turns into a gel-like texture, splitting into positive and negative charges, creating a battery = energy. 

The light of the sun gives you energy, not on a surface level- at a cellular level. 

You are energised at a cellular level. In fact, water splitting into positive and negative charges indicates that humans engage in the first step of photosynthesis just like plants.


The student and his professor Gerald Pollack called this gel-like texture "Ez Water" (Read more here). Move the light away; no more energy. 
Next time someone tells you to hide away from the Sun, how you should protect yourself from the very little "light" we see here, "especially if you are currently dealing with a health problem" remember the student, remember his discovery, remember what you innately feel every time you see a little sun. Now you know why you feel alive, energised, happy, peaceful under the light of the Sun in summer...

It's just that science has to catch up. The very little trust we have in our own intuition has to catch up with the truth. The persistent disbelief in ourselves that we are a piece of meat, that we are weak, and that we are not nature has to catch up.

Now I ask the people who tell you to apply SPF every day, How can you age if you are energised at a cellular level? In fact, you might become healthy.  


Still worried? 


I am an Olive Tree; I know how to internalise the Sun's massive energy into healing medicine just like your body. The Sun is so direct and warm even in March where I live; I have nowhere to go but to work with the light.


Hold my hand inside the Sun Elixir and the hands of Green Tea, Comfrey, Parsley, Bilberry, Cranberry, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, witch-hazel, Elderberry, Calendula, Grape Seed, Pumpkin seed, Pomegranate Seed and more...
Hold our hands and give your worry to us. We know the truth. We don't need to prove ourselves anything. 

Let nature in.

Let us help you.


with all my love,

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