Biology of the skin - The Divine Flow

We are not here to obsess over complicated skincare routines, let a cosmetic formulator re-invent our biology, pollute our brain with unnecessary information. We are here to remember who we are and give permission to our magnificent body to heal us. In other words, let the divine move through us so we can do the things that we are called to do in this lifetime and share our gift with joy and inspiration!


"Make yourself a cup of tea, and allow me take you to the magnificence of you".

Divine Flow

Photo by Sasha Freemind Khodzinskyi on Unsplash

"The power that made the body heals the body".

The divine flow within you

Achieving healthy, glowing skin, curing dryness, oiliness, premature ageing, uneven skin tone, sun sensitivity, acne, eczema, rosacea, and more isn't only about using healthy products with healthy ingredients but more about going with the flow of your divine body and trusting, surrendering to that intelligence that lives within all of us—supporting that intelligence rather than trying to change it.

Allowing the divine order of your skin and your body to work for you. It is about taking your power back from superficial beauty, asking you to manipulate your body, force for the outcome, and go against your own biology, giving more importance to the products (including the ones that sound healthy), the latest invention, and trend, than your own divinity.

We will only fail if we try to change it.

So why waste time? Why suffer? We are not here to let a cosmetic formulator re-invent our biology but to remember who we are and let go until we fully surrender into the arms of the divine that lives within all of us.

So what do we do? How do we surrender?

If you study the skin, you can see that it is the largest organ in our bodies, and there is a vast galaxy of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms called the skin microbiome on your skin, which constantly communicates with your immune system. And your immune system is a mind-blowing army and a magnificent symphony of your mind and body.

Like in our gut, the microbiome takes care of our skin health. A galaxy ready to love you, ready to heal you and is not separate from your whole body!

All they ask of you is to go with the flow, not re-invent, overanalyse or overthink, but be supportive and give it what it wants, nothing more, nothing less and follow its rules, the divine order. It's their job to care for your skin, not yours. It doesn't want you to take charge and invent anything new. If you introduce anything new using the latest invention - that retinol, hyaluronic acids, or whatever they come up with these days, you are depriving yourself of your own power.

Instead of being supportive, loving, trusting and boosting your team on your skin, you are telling them, "You step away; I am taking charge. This is how it's done because a cosmetic formulator said it so." Welcome to slavery. You are now a slave to their invention. Day by day, you lose a little bit of yourself until you break down and say enough!

This is what inspired me to create a supportive flow;

Step 1 (The Sebum):

Skin produces sebum, which is home to the skin microbiome. A warm, welcoming home in which they thrive. The wisest way to cleanse the dirt of the day, the makeup, and the pollution without destroying the "home of the microbiome" is "Raw Organic Jojoba" - the closest oil to sebum in nature with the softest, antibacterial cloth possible like our bamboo cloth. Thats it! When life isn't taken away by processing to remove the scent of the oil, the colour of the oil, Jojoba chemically mimics sebum so well that our skin does not panic and overproduce sebum, which creates acne, clogged pores or underproduce sebum, which results in dryness, premature ageing; instead, it feels like nothing has changed. The flow isn't broken; the microbiome is still happy in their warm home, ready to love you, ready to take care of you!


Why are the colour and scent taken away from Jojoba?

Single-ingredient oils like Jojoba are used as an ingredient in the beauty industry. Cosmetic formulators want to control the scent and the colour of their end formulations. That is why they buy processed Jojoba which makes it popular, easier and cheaper to find in the market and is still organic if you can believe it!. Unless you go the extra mile, insist you will not find the raw organic version easily.

Business people I met often tell me why I am paying extra when sourcing and also that I should put something else into our Raw Organic Jojoba so that I can differentiate my product in the market and call it an "X cleanser". I ask them, "Why?". "So you can make more money", they say. I ask, "And then what?"... I would rather spend my time sourcing the best raw version "because that is what we need". Nothing more, nothing less.

When you use a cleanser other than Raw Organic Jojoba, you are creating confusion within the microbiome from step 1. You are taking charge. But the thing is, every living organism in the universe wants to go back to homeostasis = balance. So, your body, your immune system will do everything to bring the flow back getting tired each day, never giving up on you.

Using a cleanser with aqua=water or any ingredient which requires preservatives inside is extra tiring to you. Why? Water and that latest invention bring bacteria, so to make the product safe for the consumer, cosmetic formulators must use a preservative. A preservative kills the bacteria. But wait! Your microbiome is a vast galaxy of beneficial bacteria. So it kills them, too. Now, you do need step 2 of that brand to maintain its vision because its product is taking charge of the biology of your skin!

This is a philosophical issue more than anything to me. Why? It is scientifically proven now that we, as humans with our analytical minds, perceive less than 1% of reality. The colours of the rainbow we can see bounce on objects, creating this illusion in front of our eyes that we call life. That is it. That is what we are able to see. That cosmetic formulator is as human as you. That is what he or she is able to see. Should you listen to your own body, your own divinity that we can not even explain in our current state of consciousness or them, their creation with the limited reality they perceive?

I choose to listen to my own divinity. I turned within and healed myself from MS (Multiple Sclerosis), for which there is no cure, even with the latest drugs. But I did it like many others who understood that the power that creates the body heals the body "If you let it".

How To: 

Start by warming a generous amount of Jojoba Oil between your palms and pressing the hands onto the face. Using a firm but gentle pressure, begin massaging the oil into the skin. Focus on the areas where you have tension, breakouts, or blackheads. Enjoy this massage for about 1-2 minutes or as long as you like, as the oil starts to dissolve dirt and build up from the day. Remember the team on your face, hug them, love them with your hands, with Jojoba. Next, soak your Soft Bamboo Face Cloth in warm water, ring out and press onto the skin. Take a few deep breaths, stay here, and really absorb the warmth. This will help dissolve any dirt that is clogging your pores. Make a little mit with your cloth and start to "very gently" cleanse the skin with small circular motions. Start from the forehead and make your way down the face. Wash the cloth under warm water and repeat this if you need to. Finish by using wiping motions to remove any lifted dirt and makeup away from the face to reveal glowing, cleansed and healthy-looking skin. Don't try to remove all of the oil or use soap, other cleaners, or anything else, thinking you are oily. That is not the case! As long as you remove the makeup and gently wipe away the dirt of the day, let the flow take over and be one with Jojoba. There is a reason why your body produces sebum. Let it be. You will see that you will not feel oily but balanced and soft.

Step 2 (The Loving Hug):

I have placed the ancient Rose Water onto step 2 after the Raw Jojoba cleanse, which has been made right in the farm's own distillery from organic roses with the hands of people who have worked with this plant since 1909 in the farm in Bulgaria. Now that the skin is free of pollution and dirt stuck in the pores, it's time to give it a little love, a little hug without overcomplicating things.

Why the loving hug?

In the 17th century, during the early years of the scientific revolution, French philosopher René Descartes argued that mind and body were two radically distinct substances. Through this mechanistic view of the universe, people began to view the heart as a physical pump, a machine.

But we now know that the heart is humanity's connection to an innate intelligence, to our higher selves, to our own divinity. We now know that the heart is not simply a muscular pump that moves blood throughout our body but an organ capable of influencing feelings and emotions.

It is a sensory organ that guides our decision-making ability as well as our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. It's a symbol that transcends time, place, and culture. When we are connected to the heart's inner knowing, we can tap into its wisdom as a source of love and higher guidance.

Rose is the symbol of love. This plant has been used in folk medicine for centuries. Even though it is the personification of passion, in the body, it reduces heat. It turns down the excitement in the limbic centres of the brain, which regulates passion. Therefore, it is used for a cooling effect on the skin and is beneficial to use for redness, rosacea and similar skin conditions caused by autoimmune heat and excitation. In other words, it gives your skin and mind a little love - a calming one to remind the microbiome that everything is still ok. You are a team. We are made to believe that infatuation, the over-excitement which lasts only a short while, is love. No, "inner peace is love". That peace you feel within you, next to that person, with your pets, which you can not put into words, is love.

I have not added anything extra to the Organic Rose Water other than the 4% Lactobacillus ferment made from cabbage to protect the integrity of the roses. Lactobacillus is a bacteria found in your own skin and gut microbiome. Your body knows it, meeting itself again!

Rose Water is also slightly antibacterial and astringent, which tightens the pores, gently tones the skin and helps the body balance the amount of bad bacteria on your skin.


How To: 

Spritz onto your skin, eyes closed, stay there and smell the plant.


Step 3 ( laying a bouquet of flowers)

The microbiome is a garden, a vast galaxy of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms. Now, it is time to lay a bouquet of flowers on it. Body is the temple, and you enter a temple with nothing but flowers in your hands and love in your heart. And that is what we are doing here.

Botanical Face Elixir is Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, Damask Rose, Rosemary, Nettle leaves, Rosehip fruits, Tamanu and more Jojoba. You and them are made of the same matter. The galaxy on you and the galaxy in them are the same.

I chose these specific plants to support what your body is "already doing" every single moment of every hour. You have a few things in common with these plants.



You both heal cuts, wounds, and scars. Calendula flowers follow the sun, opening when it rises and closing as it sets. Just like you, waking up every morning to the sun and going to bed in the moonlight. You both gather the sun's warming, fiery, nourishing energies. You both work to maintain the skin's natural pigmentation with your built-in Apigenin and Flavonoids (antioxidants). You both move stagnant lymph and blood by warming and urging the skin toward healthy circulation, which then heals the scars.



You both have vitamin C - the body's most important antioxidant. It increases the synthesis of collagen and photoprotection within your body.



You both have an antioxidant called apigenin, which binds to specific receptors in the brain to decrease anxiety and initiate sleep. Anxiety combined with heat creates overstimulation, excitation and irritation, such as irregular redness on the cheeks or other areas of the skin. You both know how to go within and relax your mind and body.



Your autonomic nervous system, influenced by all the unconscious behaviours and beliefs you have, grasps the physical body too tightly during the day. But when you meditate, quiet your mind, you relax the autonomic nervous system. You let go of your hands, which is what Lavender also knows how to do. Lavender is a cooling relaxant, it is for "negative states of the soul." It is also antiseptic and helps clear away infections on the skin.



Just like the garden on your face, Nettle cures through nourishment. An all-around nutritive herb, it feeds the microbiome with so much protein, vitamins, and minerals that there is a saying in herbalism: When in doubt, use Nettles".



In traditional herbalism, Rosemary is used for conditions caused by circulatory weakness. Rosemary stimulates the skin, rushing blood to the surface to move more nutrients and oxygen to the epidermis, just like your circulatory system rushes blood when there is a wound. Good blood circulation brings life to your skin, energises your body and supports your self-consciousness.



When you activate your pineal gland with special breathing techniques with meditation, you get closer to a state of wholeness, a state of oneness where you realize we are all one which is what Frankincense knows how to do as well. It activates the brain's pineal and pituitary glands, helping you get closer to a state of wholeness. That is why you see it being used in almost every spiritual and religious practice.


How To:

Apply a few drops of the elixir, eyes closed. Let the plants create a safe, loving, warm circle around you and let yourself feel their love. Calendula is on your left, Chamomile is on your right, Lavender is in the front, Nettle is on your back, Rose is holding your hands. Smell them, feel them. Let yourself fall into their arms. Give up the control, give up the worry, give yourself to Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Nettle. You are them; they are you. They are right by your side, ready to love you. Let them in...



Night balm is the balm version of the Botanical Face Elixir. In winter, you may feel extra dry, which is why I created this balm to seal in the moisture. Apply on top if you feel you need a little more moisture.


Apply the ritual in a meditative flow, and turn on melodies to create elevated emotions in you. 

You now know what your magnificent body is capable of doing, how you and plants are the same! They are not bigger than you; just as many try to convince you, and you are not bigger than them. We are all one.

With the less than 1% reality we perceive with our eyes, we should be humble enough to accept that we don't know anything in our current state of consciousness about how this magnificent body works.

If we don't know, then we must surrender and allow the divine to move through us.

We are not here to obsess over complicated skincare routines, let a cosmetic formulator re-invent our biology, pollute our brain with unnecessary information.

We are here to remember who we are. Give permission to our magnificent body to heal us. Be our authentic selves. Take inspired action, bring original thinking and make a contribution in whatever field we feel passionate about. There are no judgements. Your passion is your soul's purpose, your gift to humanity, and your moral duty. So speak up, create, share your love without a single moment's hesitation!

We are here to raise our consciousness. Support people, businesses who make a contribution, inspire everyone comes our way! Not one soul is excluded, hug everyone!. Be that ideal human for one another and show everyone what love does independent of the conditions of our environment. Keep an open heart ALWAYS! Live the truth. Awaken to true beauty and be in service to humanity.

We can't do this if our focus is on 10-step skincare routines in superficial beauty! We only have so much attention we can give to. Save it for the world, save it for your gift that I sure want to see!

I promise to walk with you side by side, and I salute you, magnificent soul!


with all my love...

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