Arid Land

I am an apple tree, and I will tell you my story, which you might relate to.

The farm I came from was once an arid land. One day, a farmer decided to bring the land back to life so that apples full of life could grow.


The farmer fed my soil with organic matter, with life, animal, plant, and even human waste, and planted seeds of me in that arid land. 
I fed my roots with life growing beneath me. I drank the water given to me. I soaked the sun shining above me. I turned the light and water into energy in my body and the cold into sweet nectar in me. 

My fruit does not need your fridge. My apple is not your shiny red supermarket apple. I can stand strong on my own for enough time to give life to whoever eats me. 

If I don't look after my skin microbiome, If I don't feed my soil with 100% organic matter (not synthetic fertilisers = so-called organic, natural skincare that is still filled with water, preservatives, and emulsifiers), I will be that shiny, red apple at the supermarket. Shiny at the farm and dead in the fridge in three days.

If I truly want healthy skin I need to feed my soil = my microbiome with organic matter and leave the rest to nature = to my body.
The shiny apple at the supermarket won't be resistant to her environment. She will be vulnerable to the smallest microorganism found in the air and age prematurely. She needs the SPF and a lot more synthetics to protect her. She does not have the raw organic matter, nutrients in her skin microbiome to function as nature. Of course, she won't be resilient to weather changes, burning and getting marks under the slightest sunlight. Of course, she will be promoting you what she is using. 

Her soil = her microbiome is an arid land. She needs all the synthetic help and all the surgery until she wakes up and accepts that she is nature and starts boosting the healthiness of her microbiome with nothing but 100% organic matter. 


Not "natural or organic skincare," but 100% organic matter just like that healthy apple at the farm.


with all my love,
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